My Tera Mai™ Healing Journey

My ongoing Reiki journey started over 20 years ago when my brother asked me if I'd ever heard of it - I hadn't. The idea of learning...

How Tera Mai™ Healing Works

A Reiki treatment induces a deep state of relaxation which allows your brain to communicate with the parts of your body that require healing

Release Keys

Discover Release Keys, and learn how you can use them every day to keep your energy clear and your happy vibe high!

Crown Chakra

Everything you need to know about your Crown Chakra, and how to keep it open and balanced!

Third Eye Chakra

Everything you need to know about your Third Eye Chakra and how to keep it balanced and open!

Throat Chakra

Everything you need to know about your Throat Chakra and how to keep it clear and balanced!

Heart Chakra

Our Heart Centre connects the physical & spiritual sides of our lives - find out how to keep yours open and activated here!

Solar Plexus Chakra

Find out how to keep your Solar Plexus balanced and activated, and what to be looking out for if it requires attention!

Sacral Chakra

How do you know when your Sacral Chakra requires attention? What can you do to keep it open and activated? Find out here!

Root Chakra

Representing Security and Foundation, learn how you can heal and balance your Root Chakra here!

What are Chakras?

Find out what Chakras are, and how you can keep them clear and balanced

One Year On...

Read about the changes I've experienced since my reattunement.

Your Unique Healing Program

One size does not fit all! You are unique, and together we will create a healing program that is just as unique as you are...

Finding Balance

The importance of finding balance in all areas of our lives. Includes Wheel of Life exercise

My Top 7 Self-Care Tips

For those times when there just aren't enough hours in the day Self-care is one of the most important habits we can develop for our...

Past & Future Healing

Energy doesn't recognise time or space, so healing can be sent in any direction, past, present or future. During a regular Tera Mai™...