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Ascension Energies and the Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis

I'm sure you've heard about the aurora borealis being seen in most unusual places over the few weeks. I wanted to share with you the importance of the light we’re seeing and how it can affect you, even if you’re not aware of it or sensitive to energies.  

The waves of light you can see are cosmic energies that are collected at the Central Sun behind our sun, Helios. These energies come from the planets and star systems within our solar system. Each planets’ energy, or light, holds keys and codes for change and transformation which are touching every living being on the planet.

These energies are constantly pouring in but during the day we can’t see them because it is too bright. Why can we only see them towards the North? I’m not sure, and I’m too in my flow to go ask Mr (insert name of search engine here)!

We may not be able to see them, but we can certainly feel them. They can have effects on your physical body but also on your emotions and they can help us evolve on our spiritual journey.

What are these ascension energies bringing?

Light codes and energies coming in from the sun
Taken on one of my morning meditation walks

This is the question I asked my Guides as I'm writing this. And here is Their answer:

These energies are helping to bring the masculine and feminine energies on the planet into balance, encouraging men and women to treat each other with respect and love.

They are encouraging us to speak, think and act with love and harmlessness.

They are giving us the confidence and determination to live our passion and follow our hearts’ true desire.

They are activating dormant gifts and abilities that we have carried with us from past incarnations. These are awakening quickly and overnight you may well find yourself able to communicate with Spirit or with others psychically.

These ascension energies have been charged with the power to remove transgenerational trauma and ancestral karma from all humanity. You may find yourself reacting in a different, more peaceful and centred way in situations where previously you may have been angered, frustrated or even fearful.

You may feel lighter, brighter, more positive and hopeful for your future. You may find a source of inner strength and determination awakening, helping to propel you forward as you chase your dreams.

However these energies affect you, whatever changes you notice in your reactions, actions or behaviours, know that you are not alone in going through change and transformation. You may be more aware of it than others, but you are not alone, ever.

And at this time, your Guides and Angels are coming closer to you. You can feel them in moments of pure peace, you can hear them in the breeze and the birdsong. Pay attention, they are always trying to communicate with you. What message are they bringing you right now? Learn to listen with your Soul, with your heart.

You may not notice anything at all, this doesn’t mean that you’re not receiving the same ascension upgrades, it means that you’re not yet ready to be aware of them.

Pay attention to repeating cycles at this time, watch how you’re reacting when old cycles come around again. What has changed in your perspective? How are you dealing with the emotional side of things differently?

Question yourself, question everything until you find your Truth.

And listen to your body.  You may be feeling what is known as an 'energetic hangover' in the days after particularly powerful solar flares - feeling extra sensitive or very tired. Remember that your sensitivity can change throughout the day as well.

Stay grounded, hydrated and pay attention to what your body is telling you, rest as much as you need to, and take care of any other physical symptoms such as dizziness or aches and pains as well as you can.

Staying grounded is essential at this time, it’s very easy to literally get carried away with these energies and feel like you’re not longer in your body. Whether you choose to visualise roots growing from your feet down into the centre of the earth or the silver ball of your Earth Star Chakra growing bigger and brighter anchoring you deeper as it grows, make sure you’re properly grounded throughout your day!

The good news is that the solar flares bringing stronger waves of energy have calmed down a little for the moment.

The better news is that there will be more, even more powerful solar flares bringing in new ascension energies over the next two years, probably longer!

The even better news is that I'm here to support you if things feel too hectic, if you need an energy boost or feel like too much stuff is building up and you can't find the way to release it all.

Please don't hesitate to book a healing session, with me or anyone else you’re drawn to, if your body is asking you for one it's because it will do you good!

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