How Reiki Works

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

A Reiki treatment induces a deep state of relaxation which allows your brain to better communicate with the parts of your body that require healing - essentially giving you the tools to heal yourself.

Reiki will replenish your body's natural vital energy levels leaving you feeling energised and revitalised and more than ready to face the world!

Reiki works with our Chakras (Energy Centres within the body) and Aura (Energetic Field around the body). They are responsible for our wellbeing on all levels. Keeping our Chakras and aura cleared, open and balanced is essential for our wellbeing.

At the beginning of the session I will read your Chakras with my pendulum to identify areas that require attention, and then again at the end to ensure they are all cleared and flowing freely.

As the Reiki flows through your body, any blockages, or old stagnant energy will be cleared and released, restoring an even flow of energy around your body.

Physically, Reiki activates the body's natural healing abilities, this is turn accelerates the physical healing process. Another reason why Reiki is so effective is because you will be so relaxed during your session that our body will be in the perfect state to begin to heal itself.

On a mental level, Reiki can help us release and let go of any old negative thought patterns and any belief systems that no longer serve us, allowing us to live our lives authentically and from the heart.

In this way Reiki can relieve anxiety, depression and stress. It can boost your self-esteem, self-confidence and can help you feel mentally strong and prepared for any situation.

Reiki soothes our emotions, allowing us to release any past hurts, grief, anger, sadness or any emotion that is causing us pain, allowing us to fully live our lives in the present moment without being weighed down by negative thoughts and feelings.

On a Spiritual level, Reiki helps us get in touch with, and trust our intuition. It can open us up to new possibilities and is our constant companion on our Spiritual Growth Journey.

As Reiki is energy it does not recognise time and space, this is the reason Reiki is just as effective by Distant Healing.

Reiki is intelligent, intuitive and inoffensive. It will go where it is most required and you will only ever receive as much as you can handle.

Reiki can change the way you see yourself, the way you see the world around you, the way you see and interact with others - if you allow it the space to do so, if you are ready to embrace your Authentic Self...Namaste


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