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Psychic Medium Readings

"What do you remember about our trip to Lewes when you were 17?" This question from my Dad would probably have been answered with "Driving past Heathrow Airport and Concorde taking off right above us as we drove past", by anyone else because let's face it, that was a pretty cool moment. 

But no, that was not the highlight of my day. My answer is always "That's where I bought my first pack of tarot cards"!   

30 years later my psychic medium abilities enable me to connect with Spirit and provide you with clear messages to guide you along your path - using those very same cards!

For me, being a Medium is being able to bring comfort, healing and guidance through supportive messages from Guides and loved ones in Spirit.

An evidence based Medium, I will always give you some details from Spirit that will leave you in no doubt as to who is coming through for you.

Psychic Medium readings can bring  guidance and clarity to any situation, but also great comfort and peace in knowing that your loved ones are always there looking out for you.

Receiving messages from loved ones in Spirit is a huge part of any healing process, and I'm humbled and grateful to be able to share this gift with you. 

Light and Blessings xx

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Lovely Words From my Clients:

Amanda is able to work with spirit to bring forth messages which not only deeply resonate with me, but also ones which guide and direct me. I have walked away today with clear understanding of what I can do to improve my situation.  Thank you, Amanda. I know I will have plenty more readings from you in the future and I'm already looking forward to them.

Fran P

I honestly cannot recommend Amanda enough; not only is she talented, she also brings joy, happiness in abundance from within herself. After the guidance given yesterday I can honestly say I feel so much more refreshed, happy and balanced. My path has been laid out for me and I am now ready to walk along with a very huge skip instead of a step.

Sandie E

Love Amanda!! Her reading gave me some genuine feedback to ponder and some clarity in my life around some stubborn health issues. She also was able to tune into a guide I've only seen a few times and as a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner with 13+ years of journey experience, I loved this! I was able to meet with him again later that evening for my own connection! Thanks Amanda!!

Christine R

Amanda is a beautiful, kind and caring soul and she has a gift to connect with spirits in the afterlife and i can highly recommend her, especially if you looking for some answers and have some unresolved issues with loved ones. I got to connect with my late parents and my late Grandmother and she had incredible insights which put me and my sister at peace. Thank you Amanda!

Uschi Herrmann

Amanda, has a lovely aura, very relaxed and informal. She voiced many details about my late husband and father. I highly recommend Amanda's services.

Lauren J

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