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Stepping into my Medium Self

The Beginning...

When I started my healing business nearly 3 years ago I never imagined that one day I'd be hiring out rooms to do Afternoons of Mediumship!

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If you’ve already read my story, or my Medium readings page, you’ll know that I’ve felt Spirit around me since a very young age and that I've always been very psychic, able to pick up the words that were left unsaid or how people were really feeling. 

It wasn’t until I properly got into my healing business in April 2021 that my Mediumship abilities started to develop naturally and I joined an online Psychic Circle to practise on a regular basis and support me as I developed these newly awakening abilities.

The ease with which the information came through as I gave my first reading was surprising, I was able to pick on the name of the guy's Grandma and describe her accurately. I told him that I could see him surrounded by piles of papers in an office room at home. He confirmed that his Grandma's name was indeed Sheila, and that he was writing a book from home!

In Circle, and with training from my Mediumship Mentors, sisters Michelle Morley and Louise Webster, I have learned to become an Evidential Medium. This means that I always try to give as much evidence as I can so that the person receiving the message can be sure of who's communicating with them.

I did a reading for one of my friends and her Grandfather came through, describing to me in detail how her husband had made her laugh the day before whilst cooking eggs, down to the t-shirt he was wearing. She confirmed it all, and was quite amazed by the accuracy.

During a healing session with a client, her Grandmother came in and kept drawing my attention to the lady's necklace. When I asked her about it afterwards she told me the necklace had been a gift from her Grandma!

A huge golded eagle flying over the sea, with clouds lit with golden light, all reflected in the water below

I now find that my healing sessions are more a mix of energy healing and guidance that I receive during the session, either from mine or the client’s Spirit Team (Guides, Power Animals, Angels…) or from loved ones in Spirit who use the opportunity to pass on messages.

Although I offer Tarot readings, this is more because there are people who prefer these readings rather than pure mediumship.

The truth is that I have no real need for cards, crystal balls or any other kind of tool to receive messages. I do always keep my pendulum close to hand in case I feel like I need confirmation or clarity.

Feel the Fear...or Not!

Back in November I was out shopping in St Remy de Provence and, as always, I stopped into the crystal/esoteric shop. My best friend was over on holiday and she reminded me that I was going to ask about the possibility of doing healing sessions one afternoon a week in their healing space.

When I did so, the girl working there asked if I would be interested in having a stand at their Divination and Knowing Oneself day which was being two weeks later.

I’d never done anything like this before but I knew that if such an opportunity had presented itself then it was meant for me. I accepted.

I wasn’t nervous at all, I was excited. I knew that those people I was supposed to work with that day would be drawn to me and I ended up working most of the day, offering both mini healing sessions and mini readings.

When the day came to an end and I was thanking the owners of the shop for having giving me the opportunity, I felt almost a physical push on my shoulder from Spirit and I found myself asking if there was any possibility of doing an afternoon of mediumship for a group.

Believe it or not, they were thrilled that I’d proposed it because they had lots of demand and no one offering that service.

Stepping into my Medium Self

Blue and pick butterfly sitting on 3 white stones piled on top of each other on a wooden table and a blue gree wall behind

And so it was that at the end of February I found myself in front of a group of 11 people and stepped naturally into my Medium self.

There were tears and laughter, it was a very special moment shared and everyone received their own unique message of healing, comfort and guidance.

Two of my friends were there to support me, both also Spirit Workers, and at one point we found ourselves helping the Mother of one of those present to move into the Light. It was a profoundly moving moment for everyone involved, and I felt truly humbled to have been blessed with that experience.

And so it began! I'm taking part in my 3rd Divination day in April and I have another Afternoon of Mediumship planned the week after, this time with my good friend Marinella – we receive messages differently and I’m looking forward to seeing how we work together!

The next obvious step is getting myself out there and doing live readings on socials…it’s getting close I promise! Let me know in the comments if that’s something you’d be interested in!  

If you'd like to know what messages Spirit have for you, or if you'd like to reconnect with a loved one, I'd be honoured to work with you!

Or you may find that your own innate gifts and abilities are starting to awaken and are looking for guidance - don't hesitate to book a Free Discovery Call and we can have a chat!

In Love and Light,

Amanda xx


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