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Lovely Words from my Clients:

(Hint: they can't all be wrong!)


I don't know what exactly Amanda does, but whatever it is, it works! I found myself moving from tense and worried to deeply relaxed, but also, energized. I'm now doing regular remote sessions and find they benefit both my work and personal life.

Doug J

Thank you so much Amanda for the distant Reiki sessions we've had thus far. I'm benefitting so much from the effect of you giving me Reiki in the last few days - it's been a profound experience. I feel that each session is tailored to what I need and I am grateful and appreciate you - I love this approach. Professional and empathetic at the same time and it's just been a great service and experience.

Aminata M

What an amazing Psychic Medium Amanda Cox is. My reading yesterday was filled with love, guidance and clarity; not just from the male energies that Amanda experienced but also from Amanda herself. I honestly cannot recommend Amanda enough; not only is she talented, she also brings joy, happiness in abundance from within herself. After the guidance given yesterday I can honestly say I feel so much more refreshed, happy and balanced. My path has been laid out for me and I am now ready to walk along with a very huge skip instead of a step. Oceans of love, mountains of gratitude Amanda, you are a true inspiration and a breath of fresh air.

Sandie E

I had a session with Amanda-from two countries away, and it was amazing.  HIGHLY recommend her as she has a long history with the esoteric arts.   And very healing....memorably so.

Lorna R

Amanda is a beautiful, kind and caring soul and she has a gift to connect with spirits in the afterlife and i can highly recommend her, especially if you looking for some answers and have some unresolved issues with loved ones. I got to connect with my late parents and my late Grandmother and she had incredible insights which put me and my sister at peace. Thank you Amanda!

Uschi Herrmann

Amanda listens and quickly builds trust and security. She is an excellent professional and her sessions go beyond a simple moment of relaxation.

Françoise D

What I really like about readings with Amanda is her energy: calm yet fun, composed yet excitable, and truly authentic. Today I had a lovely reading. Amanda brought warmth and love to the reading; afterwards I felt uplifted in spirit and mood. Amanda is able to work with spirit to bring forth messages which not only deeply resonate with me, but also ones which guide and direct me. I have walked away today with clear understanding of what I can do to improve my situation. Amanda's reading brought a smile to my face and put a spring in my step! Thank you, Amanda. I know I will have plenty more readings from you in the future and I'm already looking forward to them.

Fran P

What a soothing experience and in the comfort of my own home...I could really feel the energy that Amanda was directing towards me radiating through my body. I definitely feel lighter and a sense of ease after.  Thank you Amanda!


Cherise M

I recommend Amanda's treatments, which with all her gentleness and kindness offers a moment of freedom, intense release and tranquility.  Thank you Amanda!

Leslie I

I feel really calm and light, and feel less anxious - I think you have been really beneficial to me! Thank you for everything, I am delighted to have come to see you!

Elisa D

I would definitely recommend Amanda as a Reiki and Seichem practitioner. She has a gift for this. A friend of mine bought me a session with Amanda and I must admit, I didn't expect much but I was truly amazed by the feeling of wellbeing, both physically and mentally when I left. I have already booked another session and intend to make it a regular thing. Thank you!

Aidan C

Love Amanda!! Her reading gave me some genuine feedback to ponder and some clarity in my life around some stubborn health issues. She also was able to tune into a guide I've only seen a few times and as a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner with 13+ years of journey experience, I loved this! I was able to meet with him again later that evening for my own connection! Thanks Amanda!!

Christine R

Amanda's session is a real source of well-being and kindness. Very gentle and full of good energy....feeling a little sluggish? Go, and you will see the benefits of the session immediately....I recommend her, Thank you Amanda

Sophie R

I recommend Amanda with whom I had a healing session today, as well as my daughter. She is super nice, attentive, and she left us feeling very relaxed. See you soon Amanda!

Emilie G

I didn't have a migraine this weekend and feel like I'm having a positive wave! It's very nice to have a follow-up like yours!

Sarah S

I actually had a really rough 3 weeks before our session but ever since my back has been better than it has been for a while so thank you!

Steve F

I loved my session, Amanda is gentle and caring. It did me a lot of good, I highly recommend her!

Juliette C

Amanda, has a lovely aura, very relaxed and informal. She voiced many details about my late husband and father. I highly recommend Amanda's services.

Lauren J


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