Tera Mai™ Healing

Tera Mai™ Healing works to cleanse and reactivate our Chakras (Energy Centres in and around the body) and Aura (Energetic Field around the body). These are responsible for our wellbeing on all levels and keeping our energetic bodies healthy is an essential part of our overall wellbeing. 

As the Energies flow through your body, any blockages, or old stagnant energy will be cleared and released, replenishing your own energy and restoring an even flow through your energetic body.

The deep state of relaxation that Reiki provokes allows our brain to better communicate with the parts of our bodies that require healing. This relaxed state means that your body will be in the perfect state to begin to heal itself.


Your 60 minute session includes:

*Brief discussion to set your intentions for the session

*Shamanic Negativity Clearings

* Releasing Resolved Karma

* Reiki & Seichem Healing 

* Chakra Balancing

* Aura Cleansing

* How was it for you? 

You'll leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and renewed on every level, and this feeling can last for weeks afterwards. 

You'll also receive guidance and tools to optimise your session and help you continue your healing journey. 

Find out more about your Reiki session here.


Lovely Words from Past Clients

I feel that each session is tailored to what I need and I am grateful and appreciate you - I love this approach. Professional and empathetic at the same time, it's just been a great service and profound experience - thank you so much!

Aminata M

I don't know what exactly Amanda does, but whatever it is, it works! I found myself moving from tense and worried to deeply relaxed, but also, energized. I'm now doing regular remote sessions and find they benefit both my work and personal life.

Doug J

I had a session with Amanda-from two countries away, and it was amazing.  HIGHLY recommend her as she has a long history with the esoteric arts.   And very healing....memorably so.

Lorna R

I feel really calm and light, and feel less anxious - I think you have been really beneficial to me! Thank you for everything, I am delighted to have come to see you!

Elisa D

Amanda listens and quickly builds trust and security. She is an excellent professional and her sessions go beyond a simple moment of relaxation.

Françoise D

What a soothing experience and in the comfort of my own home...I could really feel the energy that Amanda was directing towards me radiating through my body. I definitely feel lighter and a sense of ease after.  Thank you Amanda!


Cherise M

I recommend Amanda's treatments, which with all her gentleness and kindness offers a moment of freedom, intense release and tranquility.  Thank you Amanda!

Leslie I

Amanda's session is a real source of well-being and kindness. Very gentle and full of good energy....feeling a little sluggish? Go, and you will see the benefits of the session immediately....I recommend her, Thank you Amanda

Sophie R

I didn't have a migraine this weekend and feel like I'm having a positive wave! It's very nice to have a follow-up like yours!

Sarah S

I actually had a really rough 3 weeks before our session but ever since my back has been better than it has been for a while so thank you!

Steve F

I loved my session, Amanda is gentle and caring. It did me a lot of good, I highly recommend her!

Juliette C

I recommend Amanda with whom I had a healing session today, as well as my daughter. She is super nice, attentive, and she left us feeling very relaxed. See you soon Amanda!

Emilie G

A friend of mine bought me a session with Amanda and I must admit, I didn't expect much but I was truly amazed by the feeling of wellbeing both physically and mentally when I left. I have already booked another session and intend to make it a regular thing. Thank you!

Aidan C

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Stress FRee

What does YOUR life look like without all that is weighing you down?

Really imagine how you would feel if you weren’t constantly looking for ways to:

Relieve stress or anxiety
Reduce physical pain
Increase energy levels
Increase self-confidence
Soothe emotional discomfort
Improve sleep patterns
Deal with Menopause symptoms

Relieve effects of Chemo/Radiotherapy

Feels great doesn’t it? 

What if I told you there IS a way?

What if all you needed to do is Receive Reiki? It really is as simple as that...

Free from stress and tension, free from physical pain, free from broken nights sleep, more self-confidence  - honestly, I could go on for ages here, there are that many benefits, but you get the idea.

Allow Reiki into your life and you'll see improvements in every area of your life, allowing you to be fully present for your family, your friends, work colleagues - and most importantly - for Yourself.