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My Tera Mai™ Healing Journey

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

My ongoing Reiki journey started over 20 years ago when my brother asked me if I'd ever heard of it - I hadn't. The idea of learning Reiki resonated within me straight away, I was excited to learn more but wasn’t sure if I was ready, or if it was really for me. So, I did the only thing I could - one night before falling sleep I said, ‘Universe, if I am supposed to learn Reiki please send me a Reiki Master’. I met three within five days. I took that as a more than definite sign that Reiki was for me!

I was super excited, and wanted to share what I was learning with everyone whose path I crossed. A good friend warned me about wearing my spirituality on my sleeve - most people weren't ready to hear about it, or understand for themselves, that I should tone it down and learn to lead by example.

And so I learnt to be the change I wished to see in the world.

A little while later, someone asked me what my passion is - not having particularly ever asked myself the question I was surprised when the answer came immediately: Reiki, one day I will have my own Reiki practise and help as many people as I can to heal and release anything they no longer need to hold on to.

I spent the next 20 odd years studying at the University of life, growing and developing spiritually, and practising Reiki on close friends and on myself. I lived with this nagging inner knowing that I wasn’t fulfilling my dreams. Yes, I was always in a job where I was helping people - be it in Corporate Front of House, various shops/bars/hotels etc but I wasn’t helping in the way I knew I could.

Fast forward to 2019. Living in Provence, with my awesome, supportive, quite simply amazing Husband and shaggy Dog, I found myself with the time, space and opportunity to think about starting my Reiki business. More than anything else, I finally felt ready.

I qualified as a Crystal Healing Therapy Practitioner, with over 50 different kinds of crystals around the house it made sense to learn about them properly so that I can integrate that knowledge with Reiki.

I started to live my life with Reiki again. Reiki isn’t just a way of healing you see, it’s a way of being. I use Reiki for everything - self-healing every day, I send Reiki to my day ahead and all the food that I eat. I Reiki my plants, pets, send to family, friends and to our beautiful planet while I’m out walking...

Every new client, every healing session and every meditation session brings me to a new understanding of how Reiki can be used, how gentle yet powerful it is and the real difference it makes in people’s lives every moment of every day.

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