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Your Tera Mai™ Healing Session

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Receiving Tera Mai™ Healing is a simple process. We start by briefly discussing the areas of your body and your life where you would like to see an improvement. This helps me track your progress from session to session.

If you are new to energy healing I will explain to you the origins of Reiki, Seichem and the Tera Mai™ Healing School, and how it works.

We will then go over what you can expect during the session and I'll answer any questions you may have. After asking you to lay on my treatment table, or be seated comfortably for a Distant session, I will invite you to relax, release any tension and focus on your breathing. During the treatment I maintain a meditative state, allowing the energy to flow freely through my hands. I work intuitively, allowing the energies to guide me to the areas that most require attention.

You may feel sensations coming from my hands as the old, stagnant or misaligned energy in your system are released and your own energy is replenished. If you are receiving Distant Healing you may also feel the the energy flowing towards you.

I may be guided to place crystals or seashells on or around your body to enhance the energies and help cleanse the area.

As the Energies move through your body, you may experience physical reactions, such as laughing, crying or shaking, or you may fall asleep. You may feel warmth or cold - there are always blankets close to hand if this is the case, (for a Distant Healing session please have a blanket to hand).

All of these are perfectly normal reactions as the energies work to clear any stagnant, old or misaligned energies as well as thought patterns or belief systems that no longer serve you, anything that doesn't belong to you and anything that is holding you back from aligning with your highest possible Self.

I will also remove any Karma that has already been resolved, from this and all lifetimes. I will also clear the 'Sins of the Ancestors' - those thought patterns and behaviours that have been passed through the generations for you to heal in this lifetime.

I may also receive information on any past life trauma that is affecting your present incarnation, along with clear guidance on how to clear and heal this trauma. This information will only come through if you are ready to hear it, and to heal it. It is also very possible that you will receive messages from your Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels. These can take form as spoken word, images, colours or resurfacing memories showing you the areas which require work to release and heal. Each one of you will have a different experience. No matter how or what you feel during your treatment, Tera Mai™ Healing gives you exactly what you need in that moment and if nothing else, you will experience a feeling of deep relaxation and calm which we all need sometimes.

Once the session is complete, I will invite you to become aware once again of your body and open your eyes when you’re ready. I will offer you water to help clear any toxins and a piece of delicious chocolate to help ground you. For Distant Healing, please have a glass of water close by and something you can snack on afterwards.

It's common to feel 'out of your body' after a healing session and eating a little bit of something tasty, drinking water and discussing your session will all help ground you. We will discuss how the treatment went for you, aftercare and any steps you can take to enhance the healing in the days to come. You will then receive this info in an after-care email, along with any other guidance i may receive for you. You will leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, calm and totally at peace with yourself and the world around you.

I will be in contact with you a couple of days afterwards to see how you're feeling and if you've noticed any significant changes, and give you any follow up suggestions if needed. I look forward to welcoming you for a Tera Mai™ Healing session very soon! Light & Blessings, Amanda

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