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Don't Have Time for a Spiritual Routine? Think Again!

A glass of water befing poured from a pitcher on a wooden table outside

Recently I was sharing a distance healing session with a friend and I suggested that he start blessing his water before he drinks it. "I don't have time for that," was his immediate response! What? He couldn't find a few seconds to thank his water for nourishing every cell of his being on every level? Apparently not.


Ok, so I asked him whether he still takes the time to ask the Spirits and Angels of water to cleanse him energetically before he takes a shower. “No, I’m thinking about getting clean”.


This is a perfect example of how we all manage to sabotage our spiritual wellbeing on a daily basis.

We tell ourselves that we don't have enough time and so we don't use the time we do have as constructively as we could and this can affect us on all levels, and not always in a positive way!

There is always time!


I hear so often from clients that they don't have time for a spiritual routine and it’s just not true, it's all a matter of perspective:


A hand reaching out to an alarm clock at 7h00

What do you do as soon as you wake up?

Do you spend the few minutes it takes to centre yourself and take a few deep breaths?

Maybe you take time to give thanks for the restful sleep you’ve had, as well as the day ahead that you’re going to enjoy?

Do you start your day mindfully?


Or are those first few minutes spent rushing to get the kettle on and check your phone to see what you might have missed while you’ve been asleep, which is usually not much as everyone else has been sleeping too?!

We’ve developed the habit, and have convinced ourselves, that trying to plan our day while we have breakfast is more beneficial than using that time to create the day ahead with positive affirmations, between mouthfuls of course!


In an ideal world we'd all take at least half an hour to meditate every morning. I used to. And then we got a puppy and my world turned upside down!  I have accepted that my meditation time is more likely to be late afternoon these days but I still practise gratitude and affirmations every morning – either whilst out walking the dog if it’s my turn, or whilst doing household chores if it’s not.

Oxford Street tube station platform and tube train

Use your journey to work productively - repeat affirmations and practise gratitude, in your head if you can't say it out loud or visualise how your day is going to unfold perfectly for you.


You can also visualise golden energy flowing through you from your Crown chakra down through your feet, leaving golden energetic footprints wherever you go. Set the intention that anyone who walks the same way will receive whatever healing energies they need.

Use your time doing chores to be mindful and present, rather than on autopilot and carried away by your thoughts. I often repeat the Ho’oponopono prayer while I’m doing household chores. Simply ask that the energy of the prayer goes where it is most needed and  repeat “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you”.

A woman's hand holding a shower head

Use your shower as an energetic cleansing tool. Ask the Spirits and Angels of water to wash away anything that is holding you back, visualise anything old or negative that is clinging to you being washed away. It's part of your daily routine anyway, stay in awareness of the moment and make your shower part of your daily spiritual practise.


If you find yourself with a spare five minutes during your day, instead of getting stuck in your phone get outside and be with nature – these few minutes can help you refocus, refresh and come back to your self again. Or if you don’t need any of those things then those few minutes will give you some precious, peaceful time to yourself.

A cup of tea being poured into a glass cup on a glass saucer from a glass teapot, with lemon, mint and lavender on the saucer

As you pour your water/tea/coffee, thank it for nourishing every cell of your mind, body and spirit and for flushing away any toxins or negativity.

Put your affirmations into the drink – “I am refreshed, energised, motivated and positive. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you, I love you, I love you”.

Your voice has an effect on whatever you drink (perhaps not alcohol!) and when you give your water this energy you then take it in for yourself, filling your cells with love, gratitude and positivity.

Colourful vegetables around a chopping board

As you prepare your food, thank it for the nourishing goodness it brings every cell of your body, mind and spirit.

Give thanks to Mother Earth for providing this abundance of good food and put your love into whatever you make.

Whoever eats the food will benefit from your loving energy.  


You are ALWAYS breathing. You do it all the time without thinking about it, so how hard can it really be to focus on your breathing throughout the day when you feel the need to clear your mind and return to calm? Anyone who says they don’t have time to breathe is avoiding being at peace and if that is you, it may be an idea to look further into why that may be.

A small dog in bed wearing a lilac eye mask under a lilac blanket

Instead of going over your day or thinking about the following day and all it could bring, spend the time before you fall asleep to give gratitude for the day you’ve had and all of the experiences and blessings it brought you.

Then set your intentions for the following day, starting with "I awake feeling refreshed and energised"!

Create Your Spiritual Routine!

All of these things, small as they may seem, go a long way towards creating a spiritual routine that you can practise throughout your day, every day. You don't have to do them all, choose which ones resonate the most with you, or find your own ways to integrate your spirituality effortlessly into your day.

Having a regular spiritual routine brings stability, positivity and balance to every part of your life and peace to your heart and mind.

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