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Through My Eyes: What I experience during a healing session

Updated: Mar 31

You've read about Tera Mai™ Healing, how it works, all about the energies and what you can expect during a session, now I'm sharing how I prepare for a session, introducing my Spirit Team and sharing some of the amazing and awe-inspiring things I'm shown during sessions.

About half an hour before a session begins I cleanse myself and my healing space with a sage smudge stick and spend some time drumming to ground myself and open myself up to the Energies.

Amanda Cox standing with hands in prayer position at her chest

I then take a few deep breaths to centre myself and with my hands in prayer position at my chest I welcome the loving presence of both mine and my client receiving the healing's Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Healing Guides, Power Animals, Ancestors and any other Beings of Love and Light who wish to join with us.

I then ask that any challenges, expectations, ego and obstacles step aside, that I may be a clear and pure channel for the Reiki and Seichem Energies. I ask that my hands be guided to those areas most in need and that any message I receive be clear, relevant and beneficial.

Next I call in the energies, setting the intention for healing in all directions and ask that anything old, stagnant or negative, anything that no longer serves us, anything that is holding us back in any way or anything that doesn't belong to us be gently released with love and gratitude and dealt with in the most appropriate way. (Returned to Lady Gaia for her reuse and recycling, handed over to the angels for transformation in the light, thrown down into the Violet Flame for transmutation or sent back to the original sources with love and gratitude so that their own Karmic lessons may be learned).

I ask the Angels to place a Divine white gold light bubble of protection around myself and my client for the duration of the session. I also call upon Archangel Michael to place his Divine cobalt blue cloak around me, my house and all those who enter it.

Finally, I give thanks to my Protectors and Gatekeepers for their presence and protection.

The Energies start flowing through my hands as soon as I begin, it's during this time of preparation that I become aware of the work that will be done during the session, although I usually start receiving impressions and information as soon as the appointment is made.

Introducing My Spirit Team

We all have a Spirit Team watching over us and supporting us every day and night. Our Spirit Team includes our Guardian Angel and Spirit Guide, as well as close family members who have passed. Past incarnations of ourselves can also come in as support when required (Usually when something from that lifetime is affecting our current incarnation).

Healer's receive a Healing Guide at the time they become attuned to the Energies and may have more than one as they progress on their journey as Healer.

My Spirit Team has grown over the last few years, and I'm sure it will continue to do so.

My Spirit Team:

*My Mum who checks in on healing sessions from time to time

*My Grandpa Mark, who was a healer himself and is now one of my Protectors

*My Guardian Angels Soraya and Sophia

*My Spirit Guide (With me for as long as I can remember, he is the Highest Self of my Twin Flame)

*My Native American Healing Guide who has been with me for over 20 years now (and is a previous incarnation of my Twin Flame)

*Bear, my Spirit Animal

*Hawk, my Power Animal

*The Great Egyptian God Thoth, who was also the High Priest of Knowledge and Healing in Atlantis (I've recently discovered that I shared 2 incarnations in Atlantis with him, one as his disciple)

*The Great Egyptian Goddess of War and Healing Sekhmet, she is connected with the Seichem Energies which were named after her

*My Native American Tribe from a previous incarnation who surround us in a circle drumming. Sometimes it's just the Shaman (he tends to dance up and down the body with his staff!)

*A group of monks who stand in silent prayer

*Gnomes who construct scaffolding below the treatment table to clear anything in the back

*Cosmic Beings from Arcturius who enjoy taking parts of the body off to the side to work on them separately!

Power animals come in too with messages of support and guidance. I often have people's pets that have passed come in and assist as well, especially cats!

Amanda Cox's green eyes

Through my eyes:

After guiding my client into relaxation I enter a deep meditative state and place my hands on their shoulders, allowing the energies to flow whilst holding a vision of them at their best and happiest in my mind.

I receive information psychically through my third eye chakra through messages and images, and it's a different experience for me every time!

I am often shown the person being taken to a lake under a full moon and bathed in different coloured waters depending on the healing being done, and mermaids, swans or other water beings coming in to assist.

During particularly deep sessions I'll see the person in my mind's eye being led into a healing capsule and emerging as the highest possible version of themselves, glowing from within with the most amazing colours. Their Higher Self then enters their physical body and I see them shining in whichever colours were given to them, it really is quite awesome!

As I move around the body I receive information about any area that is requiring extra attention. These dense areas of stuck energy are often linked to painful experiences which I receive information about. I share after the session all that I've received, if the person is open to hearing it.

When there is a lot of work to be done I'll be told to focus on a certain area and that the rest will be taken care of. It's moments like this when I'm joined by my Arcturian team, or rather they bring us to their healing space and I see them take parts of the body off to be worked on separately.

I've seen Golden light being threaded through the spine of someone who had undergone back surgery, and it wasn't a surprise that within a couple of days she was experiencing much less pain and moving around easier too!

There are darker kinds of experiences too. I recently found myself removing negative entities intuitively with the help of my Guides, and although I studied this as part of my Masters course this was the first time I had removed them myself - usually the Angels or Archangel Michael come in and remove them as part of the session. I checked afterwards to make sure I'd done it correctly and found that I'd done exactly what needed to be done!

I've removed chains, stakes, swords - all kinds of things that can connect us to past lives or negativity and I always get reports of feeling much lighter afterwards.

There are also times when I don't get shown anything at all, this is either because we don't need to know what is happening or the person isn't ready to hear what is happening, where the issue is coming from. These cases can be frustrating, even though I know that deep healing has taken place I still like to be able to give something that will help them - even if it is the knowledge that we don't always need to know!

As my work with the Energies increases, so do my abilities and capacities, this has all happened very naturally and I give thanks every day for having a wonderful connection with all of my Spirit Team so that I am able to help and support so many people in this way!

What will I see during your healing session I wonder?

Love & Light,

Amanda xx

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