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If You Dream It, You Can Create It!

Updated: Feb 6

Become a Co-Creator with the Universe in 3 easy steps!

I was reminded of this a couple of days ago while I was sweeping the terrace - another reminder that Being Present creates space for inspiration to come through!

The Universe

Any dream, vision or idea that creeps into your mind is a deliberate gift from The Universe/God/Source/Your Higher Self/Future Self - or even Bob if that’s how you choose to refer to your source of Divinity, as my Husband does! These messages sent as thoughts or ideas are intended to guide you along your life’s path.

I’m not talking about every single little thought or idea that we have, those we try to control our chattering minds from filling our heads with 24hrs a day, no - you know the ones I mean: the seemingly random ideas that make your heart sing, the impossible vision that fills you with pure excitement or the persistent dream that has accompanied you for years, knowing that 'when you're ready' it will happen (You're ready now!).

We wouldn't have these dreams and visions if they weren't within our reach, if we weren’t supposed to follow them and chase them into reality - even if they seem completely unattainable today.

You’re Ready Now!

These inspirational thoughts and ideas are not random or coincidental. They are the seeds of potential that the Universe plants in your consciousness for you to nurture, grow and transform into your reality, when you’re ready to.

I’m going to slip in another “You’re Ready Now!” right here. There is no perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect! There is only one reason that you are holding yourself back from doing so – a misguided belief that you are not worthy, not ready, that you don’t deserve it. You do.

Or maybe you’re trying to convince yourself that you can’t, you don’t have the abilities, know-how, or budget to finance it – take the first step anyway. Learn the skills you’ll need, make connections who inspire and motivate you, put money away each week towards your dream. You’ve got this!

Become a Co-Creator with the Universe/Bob in 3 easy steps!

A hand holding a light bulb with sparks coming out of it

Can you imagine if every songwriter/author/artist waited until they were ready to follow the inspiration and ideas they receive for writing their songs/books or creating their next piece of work? Artists receive their inspiration to create gifts to humanity through their work, but do they even question where the inspiration comes from? That's where you're a step ahead!

You are now aware that these inspirational ideas are being sent to you for a reason, that they're part of your Soul Path (as is anything that makes your heart sing!).

Awakening to the Truth that these dreams and inspirations hold purpose transforms you into a conscious co-creator with the Universe/God/Bob, who will in turn conspire to bring you the people and opportunities you need to make it happen.

And so you become a Co-Creator with the Universe!

Think of it as a dance of creation where your moves are guided by the subtle signs and gifts that are meant to light your path.

The first step in this dance is learning to recognise the signs, the little messages that the Universe sends you every day. Each moment of serendipity, (or coincidence if you prefer to think of messages from your Soul in that way!), every unexpected insight, and every spark of inspiration is a part of this cosmic cha cha cha!

But it doesn't stop at recognition alone. As you become more used to these signs, the next move in this dance of co-creation is taking action. It's about taking those tiny yet courageous steps toward the dream that has been living in your heart for so long.

These actions can be as small as doing some research, learning a new skill, reaching out to someone who shares your vision, or dedicating even a brief moment each day to your dream.

Each action, no matter how small, is a declaration to the universe that you're not just dreaming, but actively participating in creating your desires.

The word 'Trust' written in the sand

The final step is Trust. In all you do be mindful of the trust that needs to flow through your creative journey. It's the assurance that the Universe is already working for you. Just as you've recognized the signs and taken those steps, you must also release the need to control every detail and trust that all is working out exactly as you need it to.

Trust becomes the bridge between your dreams and the Universe's workings. It's knowing that the timing, the opportunities, and the connections that you can't see or control are all being woven together for you now.

So, as you find your path of becoming a Co-Creator with the Universe, remember that it's a dance of three steps: recognition, action, and trust.

The Universe/Bob provides you with the inspiration your Soul needs to fulfil it’s potential and soul mission in this lifetime, but nothing happens with your taking action towards it. As you do, you’ll find the Universe meets you halfway, allowing you to create your reality beyond anything you could have dreamt of!

If you dream it, you can create it!


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