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Let Go to Stay in the Flow!

Updated: Feb 6

A hand letting go of sand on the beach

It's so easy to get caught up worrying about things that are so completely out of our control - imagining all the different possibilities and outcomes until our stress levels rocket and we've suddenly created a non-existent stressful situation when all we really needed to do was let go and stay in the flow.

Learning to let go of all that we can't control gives us freedom from worry. When we can accept that whatever happens will be as it is meant to be - even if it may not seem that way at first - we learn to live with peace in our minds instead of a constant rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions.

Staying in the flow means letting go of outcomes, possibilities, worries and expectations of both yourself and others. It means trusting that the Universe/Source/God (use whatever works for you) will bring us the perfect outcome to every situation (Perfect sometimes meaning ‘difficult’ – again a question of perception - but remember, everything is a lesson and whatever happens is for your ultimate highest good).

How do you let go?

Choose to.

It really is as simple as that.

Choose not to worry.

Choose not to overthink

Choose not to overanalyse

Choose not to create worst case scenarios in your mind.

Choose to stop yourself every time you catch yourself in the cycle.

Turn all your attention to your breathing and come back to the present moment any time you find yourself getting carried away on a train of negative thoughts.

Awareness is always the Key!

Once you become aware of something you can't ignore it and you will start to catch yourself more and more, and you will start to consciously choose to affirm a positive outcome rather than creating what you don't want.

Because all thought is creative, every time you imagine a ‘worst-case’ scenario you’re effectively creating this outcome for yourself. Stop affirming things you don’t want! Focus on what you do want instead.

Thoughts keeping you from sleeping?

A note pad with "Trouble sleeping?" written on one page and "Get all your thoughts, worries and stress out on paper before bed" on the other side.

I've recently had two clients who were waking up during the night with their heads still full of all of the thoughts that race around their heads during the day.

All of the little things they can't control, the worries about how situations are going to turn out, creating movies in their minds with every eventual possibility - and not only for themselves but for their families, friends and work colleagues too.

Needless to say they were both suffering from lack of sleep, as well as being frustrated by these constant thoughts running riot all day and night. One of the first things I reminded them both of is that they control their thoughts, not the other way around.

As I said earlier, we always have the choice of whether to attach ourselves to our thoughts or to just let them go. To follow them to the end or to come back to the present moment by focusing on our breathing when we catch ourselves in that pattern.

The second piece of advice I gave them was to get everything out of their heads before they go to sleep.

Taking the time to empty your head before you go to sleep means that your mind is no longer full of all of those concerns, worries and those things you can't control, which in turn means that you get a peaceful night's sleep!

Just one healing session was enough for the first client to tell me that his head is now empty, "but in a good way!". He's now sleeping through the night, something that he hadn't been able to enjoy for years.

And just one healing session was enough for the second to tell me that her head is a lot clearer and she's sleeping better too.

These are just a couple of examples of how just one healing session, coupled with the guidance I receive from our Guides, can bring instant, positive changes to your life - I'd love for you to experience it for yourself, book a free 30-min Discovery Call today to find out more!

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