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Your Unique Healing Program

One size does not fit all! You are unique, and together we will create a healing program that is just as unique as you are. 

Whether you are looking for physical healing, emotional release or relief from mental stress and tension, we will create a healing program tailored to your needs, and your budget.

To reinforce your initial Reiki Healing, this could consist of:

Full Reiki Sessions

30 min Distant Reiki Top-Ups

15 min Reiki Zaps

Chakra Balancing Sessions

Aura Cleansing Sessions

Bespoke Reiki Infused Meditation + Monthly Recharge

To help you release all that is no longer relevant in your life today, your Unique Healing Program will also include:


Journal Prompts 

Chakra Activation and Clearing Exercises

Personalised Hints & Tips 

Regular Progress Check-ins 


You will also benefit from Readings to check in with your Spirit Support Team and receive any further guidance or messages of support. 

Throw in a bit of Heartfelt Communication through video calls, email and messenger support as required and you're all set! 

"Wow! All that?! That's awesome! But how much are you asking as an investment?" I hear you ask...


My aim is to make Reiki available to as many of you as I possibly can. That's why it's not only your Unique Healing Program that is unique to you, so is your Investment Level and payment options.

Yes, you read that right! As part of our Initial Consultation we will set out the details of your Unique Healing Program, your investment level and your payment options, according to where you find yourself financially right now. 

I'm looking forward to accompanying you on your Healing Journey...just hit the button to begin!

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