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Working with the Archangels - A Channelled Message

My Husband and I were recently discussing Angels and Archangels. I'd been trying to find the words to explain to my Husband why we need to use different names for Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters if we’re all part of the same energy.

Hands held up to the light with golden angel wings above

Even though I had the answer clearly within I was finding it really difficult to explain it. When you intuitively know something it can be hard to verbalise that knowledge in a way that others can properly understand!

As part of my walking meditation this morning I thanked each of the 13 Archangels who accompany me every day, holding me in a ball of Golden Archangel energy and filling me with 5D qualities to help me on my ascension journey.

And that’s when it came to me, or was given to me. The perfect, simple sentence that I could use to explain it all to my Husband:

“Yes, Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters are all part of the same Source Energy as we are, but they each embody and magnify different aspects of that Source energy.”

A channelled message:

As soon as I got back from my walk I sat down to write this and from here on in this is being channelled through me from the Angelic Realm:

"These individual aspects of Source Energy all have a role to play in the ascension of the human race and planet. They are the Guardians of the Light and have each been working with you all for the longest time, whether you are aware of it or not, you can feel in your Heart that this is Truth.

The aspects, or Angels/Archangels or simply Beings of Light if you prefer, amplify and magnify the qualities, gifts and abilities they awaken in you when you ask them to, but you have to ask them to assist you.

They cannot interfere with your free will but are eagerly waiting for you to become aware of the magnitude of the work you can do together to bring the Earth into the New Golden Age.

Your Guardian Angel

An angel in the sky at sunset

You all have a Guardian Angel who is with you from the moment of your Soul’s creation and stays with you until you return to Source.  This can be hundreds, if not thousands of lifetimes, some of which you will have lived on different planets, in different planes or even another Universe depending on what you chose for your Soul’s evolution.  

Your Guardian Angel holds your Soul Plan in its hands and guides you along your pathway to Ascension. They can bring you comfort, guidance or even a parking space if you need it! Any time you ask they are just waiting to help you.

If you sit quietly and ask your Guardian Angel to wrap their wings around you, you will feel their loving presence enfold you.

Working with the Archangels

When you choose to work with Archangels regularly their energy becomes part of your Aura and it becomes easier for you to embody the new way of being that Earth is moving into.

People become attracted to your Aura, wanting to share your Light and you learn to see everyone as an aspect of yourself. For if we are all the same energy then you are every person you meet, or have ever met.

You are Angel. You are Archangel. You are Ascended Master. You are Source. You are Divine.

Yes! You can change these into affirmations which will allow you to embody these qualities and live your life as an Ascended Master:

An Angel in the cosmos

I am Angel

I am Archangel

I am Ascended Master

I am Love

I am Light

I am Source

I am Divine

Which Archangel should I work with?

There are many Beings of Light and you will feel drawn to those you will benefit most from, these will change as you grow and evolve.

Here are just some of the many Archangels that you may choose to work with:

Sandalphon in his platinum and silver light grounds you into the Earth and expands your highest soul potential for this lifetime.

Michael in his cobalt blue light brings you Divine Truth, integrity, positivity and courage. You can also ask Michael to place his blue cloak of protection around you, and his warriors around your home.

Uriel in ruby and gold light brings Power with Wisdom, gratitude and selflessness.

Gabriel in pure white light holds you in clarity, and brings purity to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Raphael in emerald green light brings healing and activates your 5D health blueprint. He also brings abundance consciousness, vision and enlightenment.

Chamuel in her beautiful pink light brings Love, compassion, kindness and caring.

Zadkiel in his violet light can help to transmute any lower or dense energies that you come across during your day.

Jophiel in his pale yellow light brings cosmic wisdom, cosmic understandings, cosmic knowledge and cosmic love.

Christiel in pure white light holds open the gates to the Angelic Kingdom and holds you in pure peace, serenity and harmlessness.

Mariel in bright magenta pink light travels down the timelines of your soul and brings forward the knowledge, memories of experiences, gifts and abilities that you need to fulfill your highest soul potential in this lifetime.

Haniel in turquoise light helps with Divine Communication and harmony in relationships.

Faith in her pale green helps you find the spark of courage you need to go inside and discover your soul journey. She will guide you on your journey if you ask her to.

Butyalil in his pure white light holds your life in the flow of the Universe and watches over your Cosmic Service Work.

Aurora in her golden pink light brings hope and optimism, she opens you up to new and joyful beginnings and guides you to the happiness within that is always present.

Metatron pours his gold and orange light into you activating the qualities and blessings you receive from the other Archangels as well as activating your own ascension journey.

The more you work with your chosen Beings of Light the more you evolve on your ascension journey, but not only that.

Healing the planet

The Earth seen from space

Working with Beings of Light also brings Light to the planet and can touch the hearts of every living being. You can bring healing, light and help the whole world in ways you never imagined.

Your imagination is the most powerful creative tool that you have. All you need to is ask for Us to help you and then visualise, or imagine, Us holding you in our light or flame and It Is Done.


And if you feel that helping the planet evolve is part of your soul mission:

Visualise the world you wish to live in.

Visualise people being only loving and caring, compassionate and kind to themselves and to each other.

Visualise what the best and highest version of you looks like, then embody it now.

Visualise a world where nothing but compassion and harmlessness exist, where peace is the only way of being.

Visualise yourself living the life of your dreams, with everything you could ever wish to have.

Visualise no one living in need or want, or suffering in any way.

Visualise the whole planet held in a beautiful glowing, golden light. See it glowing from the inside and know that It Is So."

Angelic Love, Light and Blessings to all,


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