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Release Your Menopause

Hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, crying for no apparent reason, feeling tired ALL THE TIME, weight gain or fuzzy brain - whichever ways it's showing up for you, let's face it, being perimenopausal/menopausal is a challenge to say the least!

We all know that this is a part of life we have to get through, but what if the menopause is your body's way of releasing anything that will no longer serve you as you move into the next phase of your life?

Makes sense right? How many women have you heard say they feel so much better after Menopause? More energy, more desire to get out and actually do stuff, higher libido, more self-confidence and self-esteem - they are free of all the emotional baggage they've carried around with them without even being aware of having released it.

  • What if Reiki could help you release all that unnecessary emotional baggage?

  • What if Reiki balanced your hormonal and endochrine system with regular sessions as you go through these changes?

  • What if Reiki helped you enjoy regular sleep again?

  • What if Reiki took away all the stress and tension, leaving you feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready to face whatever the Menopause throws at you?

I'm here to tell you that it can.

For over 5 months, I was suffering from hot flushes from the moment I woke up till the moment I woke up - 24 hours a day, some days every 20 minutes. The lack of sleep was affecting every area of my life - I was irritable, moody, had no physical energy - and with a house, garden, dog, and Self to take care of, whilst trying to successfully launch my business - I was reaching the end of my limits.

I'd been in such a positive space for the previous few months, seeing my dreams and visions for my Healing business come to life, that being pulled down by something I could apparently only control with conventional medication was frustrating to say the least. (For the record, I tried Phytotherapy (plant based) and homeopathy with little success, although Sage capsules were effective to a point).

Whilst struggling towards the end of the 2nd month I found myself revisiting a relationship from many years ago that had been playing on my mind for a few days. I sat at my computer and typed for about 2 hours, I just let it all come out, and I cried. A lot.

The very next day I noticed that the hot flushes were less frequent and less severe. Something stirred in the back of my mind, something about the hot flushes being necessary to enable release and transformation.

I decided to really take notice of what thoughts or emotions triggered a hot flush, if any. There were indeed triggers - flashes of anger, annoyance, negative talk towards myself, negative thoughts towards others, thoughts like 'I must', 'I need to', 'I have to' would have me getting my feet on the cold floor, reaching for my iced water and turning the fan on full blast asap! (This was summer in the South of France - not the most helpful factor!)

As soon as I became aware of this I started watching my words and thoughts - just earlier I caught myself thinking 'I really need to clear...' - I didn't even have time to finish the thought before I felt the heat rising so I changed my thought and said out loud 'I would really like to clear the weeds today'. And the heat diminished instantly.

This is our body's way of bringing our awareness to the energy of our thoughts and words. 'I really need to' instantly creates a stressful environment, whereas 'I would really like to' brings a certain level of enjoyment to the task, whatever it is.

I realised that not looking after my Self, not paying attention to the signs and triggers my body was giving me was a big part of my suffering. And like anything, becoming aware of this was the first step.

6 months later and yes, I still have maybe 3 or 4 hot flushes a night rather than 4/5 an hour, I can sleep relatively comfortably through the night, my stress levels have dropped, I'm a lot less snappy and my physical energy is back to what it was. *

I am also very aware of the days when I could be triggered by the slightest remark taken the wrong way. On these days I make a conscious effort to focus on my breathing and repeat affirmations to calm myself.

I will tell you at this point that I have decided to go down the HRT road, mainly because at 47, both my Dr and Gynaecologist feel that I am too young to live the rest of my life without hormones - but that doesn't mean abandoning the work I'm doing on an energetic level to Release the Menopause, far from it!

My daily Reiki self-treatments, along with becoming aware of triggers, journaling to release and daily meditation have made such a huge difference to my sense of wellbeing. Having experienced first hand the huge differences Reiki can bring to menopause symptoms I knew I had to create this program to help you all too!

Together, we will identify your body's triggers and the areas where you are still holding on to past emotions and experiences that are no longer relevant to the person you are today, to the person you wish to become.

Whatever we've experienced in our lives up until now - heartbreak, grief, toxic relationships, hurtful words used against us, criticisms, jibes, bullying - and all the hurt that we've caused others, intentionally or otherwise, leaves an imprint on our Chakras (energy centres in our body essential to, and responsible for, our wellbeing on every level).

Many of these imprints that we carry within us get released through Menopause. The Reiki & Seichem energies will help cleanse, clear, heal, transmute, and transform all that needs releasing using a gentle process - you only receive as much as you can handle, so there's no need to worry that all the stuff will come up at the same time.

As a Psychic Medium I will also connect with your Ancestors, Guides or any other Spirit who wishes to give you guidance on your healing journey through Menopause.

I'm not saying this is going to be an easy process, it will more than likely be painful revisiting past experiences and you will have to dig deep to uncover your true emotions. You will need to put the work in - I will give you Journal Prompts and exercises to help you connect with those deepest emotions you've been avoiding dealing with, possibly for years.

Wouldn't it be worth the work though, if it meant you could live through your menopause years without too much suffering and allowing Reiki to help you navigate the process with ease?

*28/12/21 UPDATE - My great sleep is now thanks to the wonderfully thoughtful Christmas gift I received from my Husband - a BedJet bed cooling/heating system. If you're suffering night sweats I highly recommend them!

** 19/1/2022 UPDATE: The HRT treatment is working wonders. No more hot sweats or flushes, no more feeling tired all the time - I feel more like myself than I have for years - which means I have more energy to deal with whatever comes up for release next :)

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