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Tera Mai™ Healing Energies

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki & Akasha Seichem work with the energy of the elements - Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Ether. Each element brings a different energy for a complete and well-balanced healing experience.

Earth (Reiki) - Felt as warmth or cold, sometimes magnetic sensation in keeping with the surface of the planet. Reiki is the fundamental energy that all the others work through.

It works on the mental and physical body: grounding, balancing and centering, it is very comforting and nurturing.

Air (Angeliclight) - A two-fold energy ray that works with the Air element and in the Spirit Realm. Air is felt as a gently breeze, fluffy clouds or a vaporous sensation. It can sometimes bring a fragrance.

This energy works on our spiritual aspect, aiding our spiritual growth. It can open us up to change and help us rise above any obstacles.

Water (Sophi-El) - Felt as a cool pulsing sensation, or sometimes a glacial chill, Water energy works on the emotional body, gently cleansing and soothing emotions and hurt feelings. It also opens the heart to compassion and nurtures our intuition.

Fire (Sakara) - Felt as hot, electrical or buzzing sensations, Sakara works on the energy system and in the auric field. It releases blockages and has a cleansing, transformational effect. It releases and clears stagnant energies, as well as thought patterns and belief systems that no longer serve us.

Ether (Akasha) - This energy clears hidden, misaligned energies from the aura. It works in conjunction with the power of the mind and the mind's eye, or Third Eye. It binds and raises the other elements helping to bring higher thought into reality.

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