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Healing with the Elements

Everything in nature is made up of five elements - earth, water, air, fire and ether. Even your physical body is made up of percentages of these elements.

Each element brings its own healing properties that you can use every day as part of your self-care routine.

My aim here is to bring these elemental healing properties into your consciousness, to make you aware of when you're using them, so that you can do so with intention.


The earth is our provider. Our home and our Mother. The earth holds many precious things: our food, our water, ourselves and the bones of our ancestors. Some of the most precious things are held deep within her: the gems and metals, the crystals and the histories.

We all spend time walking every day, often lost in our thoughts and oblivious to the world around us.

Walking with intention can help to clear your energy. You can ask that whatever needs to be cleared from your energetic body falls to the ground as you walk and be returned to Mother Earth for reuse and recycling. Then visualise or imagine these energies falling away with each step you take.

Another way you can use the Earth is for grounding. There are many reasons you may need to ground:

  • Feeling too much in your head, lost in worries and anxiety

  • Feeling disconnected from your lives and loved ones

  • When you lack passion for things that you used to enjoy

  • Having a strong need to fix things in your life

  • Questioning things more than usual

When you are grounded, you become your own source of energy, drawing on a strong fundamental relationship within yourself. Grounding allows your body to access your natural abilities and power, nourishing your vision and purpose.

Grounding is as simple as standing barefoot on the ground and taking in the energy of the earth through the soles of your feet.

You can also visualise silver roots growing from the base of your spine and the soles of your feet, down through the ground beneath you and into the centre of the earth where they connect with the giant crystal at the earth's core. Stay with this vision until you feel centred within yourself again.

You can then visualise or imagine the energy flowing through these roots down to the centre of the earth, when it arrives there it is infused with the earth's own energy and travels back up your roots into your body and energy fields.


Water is the source of all life, when it's unhindered it flows freely to its true source. If it encounters an obstacle, it flows around or over it, altering the obstacle with it's own gentle shape, but never altering it's own true course.

We use water daily, every time we wash our hands, every time we have a bath or shower and every time we drink. Every time you use water, do so intentionally.

We all pick up energies throughout our day from people we come into contact with during our day. We also all wash our hands many times throughout the day. Washing your hands with intention is a very effective way of clearing these energies - simply hold your hands under the running water and ask that any energies that don't belong to you be washed away. Give thanks when you're done.

Before you take your shower, or bath, you can ask the Spirits of Water to cleanse you, asking that anything old, stagnant or negative be washed away. As you enjoy your shower hold the vision of these energies falling away and being washed down the plughole. Give thanks for the cleansing when you're finished.

You can also ask your water to cleanse and revitalise you before you drink it, or you can put crystals in it to charge it with crystal energy (check that your crystal is suitable for water before you do this).

Swimming in freshwater lakes or the ocean is also very cleansing and purifies our energy systems. Even if you're not a swimmer, it's enough to stand with your feet in a stream or at the water's edge with the intention that the water purifies your energy.

Standing in the rain is another way to connect with the energy of water. You can ask the rain to clear any old energies from the ground around your home, as well as your own energies.


Wind is the element of clarity and change. It is the mover and shaker of all the other elements. Like water, wind shapes things as it flows. It lifts the dust and debris, clears the cobwebs from our minds and creates a clear space for us to think and breathe.

When the wind blows through and clears our energies and those of the space around us, we can see things from a different perspective and discover new ways of thinking, being and doing. The wind allows us to be more true to ourselves and live more authentically.

Wind teaches us that change is inevitable and to be truly happy we must flow through changes and choose to be uplifted and refreshed by them, not stuck in fear, unable to move out of our comfort zone.

On a windy day, stand outside and ask that the Spirits of Air blow through you, clearing away any old, stagnant or negative energies, anything that doesn't belong to you, anything that no longer fully serves you or that is holding you back.

Close your eyes as you feel the wind blowing through your body and energy systems, bringing new perspectives and ideas, renewing your energy and filling you with exciting new possibilities.


Fire brings life to the world, to us and everything that grows and breathes.

Fire brings us light. Light to see with, both physically by allowing us to see our world around us and spiritually by illuminating our life lessons and bringing us clearer understanding.

Fire brings us light to share, light to uplift, light to shine from our hearts into the hearts of those around us.

We can use the energy of fire to help us release anything that is holding us back, anything that we no longer have any use for:

Make a list of anything you would like to release - this could be anything from people you don't want to be around to feelings of insecurity or low self-worth.

Once you have your list, find a safe place outside and burn your list, asking the fire to release these things from your life now.

This can be done at any time you feel the need but is especially effective at the full moon.

You can use the flame of a candle to enhance your inner vision, calm your mind and develop your psychic abilities.

Simply focus on the flame and allow your breathing to slow and clear your mind of all thoughts. You may receive images, messages or see colours as you allow your inner vision to come through.

The sun is a constant source of healing fire energy for all of us. You can ask the sun to clear your aura of anything that doesn't belong to you - it's as simple as standing in the sun for a few moments whenever you feel the need.


Ether is the space inbetween - invisible but ever present. It is the Universal Energy that fills all spaces.

This is where the energy of our words, thoughts, dreams, actions and fears are held.

It is the element that makes everything else possible. It is still, empty and full of possibilities, it is everything and nothing at the same time.

The easiest way to connect with and use the energy of Ether is by daydreaming, yes daydreaming!

When you give yourself permission to switch off your ever-chattering mind and simply allow thoughts to come and go, it leaves room for new ideas to enter.

You may find that you can imagine ways of doing things that you hadn't thought of before, or that inspiration for creative projects comes to you.

Every time you meditate or do any kind of visualisation you are using the energy of Ether to create new possibilities. Set your intentions before each session to ensure the energy goes where you want it to.

It's waiting for you now, waiting for you to fill the empty spaces with your heartfelt creative desires and dreams...

Tera Mai™ Healing incorporates all five healing energies for an all round healing experience, to find out more book your FREE 30 minute consultation now:

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