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Tera Mai™ for Animals

Updated: Feb 26

Introducing our neighbour's cat, Nougatine 😊 I often find her sitting on the end of my massage table when I finish my morning Meditation, and she has been known to keep watch from the comfy chair whilst I'm giving healing.

Amanda Cox giving Nougatine the cat some Tera Mai Healing
Nougatine Enjoying some Reiki!

Our furry friends benefit from Tera Mai™ Healing just as much as we do - for physical, behavioural, emotional or anxiety issues. It is also a lovely way to pamper your friend with a deeply relaxing experience!

Very spiritual beings, animals are sensitive to their environments, often soaking up negative energy like a sponge - it's no surprise that they enjoy a cleansing healing session just as much as we do!

Sharing healing with animals is a very special experience - they give healing back at the same time so we both benefit.

Always be aware of the Five Freedoms when you have a four-legged, winged, scaly or any other animal who you call Friend:

Freedom from Hunger & Thirst

Freedom from Discomfort

Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease

Freedom to Express Natural Behaviours

Freedom from Fear and Distress

If you'd like to find out more about how Tera Mai™ can help your furry friend, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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