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The Mahatma Energy

You don't have to be initiated or attuned to any Energy Healing system to be able channel Universal Energies and help raise your vibration and that of the planet.

The Mahatma Energy is a highly evolved energy that anyone can access by using a simple invocation.

It is white/gold in colour with flashes of violet. Mahatma means 'Great Soul' and this energy is believed to be the transformational light ray of the Golden Age.

It represents the Union of masculine and feminine energies within the Self and the bringing of a new Golden era.

It is said that the more people that call upon this light ray, the more the vibration of the Earth is raised, and positive energy comes in for all.

It can be called upon up to three times a day by saying the following words:

"I now invoke the Mahatma Energy to flow through my body and my aura, onto the Earth, enabling me to use my life in service to the Divine"

Close your eyes and visualise or feel this extraordinary light ray going through you.

It is a wonderful way to start off your day, or you can bring it into any area of conflict or discord if you feel to.

Love, light & blessings to all!

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