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Ask Your Angels!

Angel looking out over us

Angels are there to guide and support us and are always there when we need them - all we have to do is ask. They can't intervene unless we ask for their help.

From finding a parking space or getting to that appointment on time to comforting you when you're suffering and healing you when you hurt, they are by our sides just waiting for us to call on them.

You can ask your Angel to heal you, sing over you and hold you in their vibration while you sleep. You can ask for creative inspiration, help concentrating or for confidence in yourself.

You can meditate with the specific intention of meeting your Guardian Angel and communicating with them.

They are always around us, just waiting for our call to help with whatever we need, here are a few ways your Angels can help you - although the possibilities are endless in reality - these are examples of how you can make calling on your Angels part of your daily routine.

Blue Angel Wing

We all go through difficult times in our lives, times when we feel helpless, lost, alone and in pain. We are never alone.

Your Angels are always standing by, waiting to be asked for help. They will never intervene unless we ask them to, and they will only help if it's for the highest good of all involved.

You can ask your Angel to help heal any painful situation. You can ask that they go to help others you know are suffering. They can ease communication if you have an issue with someone.

Did you know that you can call upon the Angels and Spirits of Water to help wash away any old, stagnant or misaligned energy that you may have picked up during the day?

Doing this is a lovely way of receiving an energetic cleansing of your aura and energetic body, as well as your physical body.

Give it a try the next time you take a shower and visualise anything that doesn't belong to you, or serve you fully, being washed away by the water.

The wonders of modern technology are not always so wondrous, as I'm sure you know!

Luckily there's a team of Wifi & Internet Angels waiting to help with any technical issues you may have - all you have to do is ask them to help!

Any kind of medication, vitamins or herbal remedies that you take can be charged by your Angel. This allows them to work harmoniously with your body and can reduce any side effects.

Hold your medication/pill box/bottles in your hands and call upon your Angel. Visualise/imagine them touching your meds/remedies with their wings

See their light pouring into the contents , energising and tuning them into your body

Thank your Angel for their blessings and for being with you today, and every day

This also works with Chemo/Radiotherapy. Before you go for your session take a moment to call upon your Angel. Ask that the treatment touches only those areas in need and that any side effects be reduced. Remember to give thanks!

We all have moments when we would love to have someone just to hold us. When we feel overwhelmed, in crisis, sad or unloved the Angels are always with us, just waiting for us to call on them.

Ask the Angels to wrap their wings around you when you feel in need of comfort and love - you will feel the warmth and nurturing love they offer as they wrap you in their wings and bring you whatever comfort you need.

Not only can we call upon our own Guardian Angel whenever we feel the need, we can also call upon the Archangels.

You can call upon Archangel Michael to protect you, your family, house, car, friends or anything else you wish to protect.

Simply ask: "Archangel Michael please place your Divine Cobalt Blue cloak of protection around ........ now".

Visualise the cloak being drawn down covering you, or the person/place, from head to toe and know that you are protected.

I do this as soon as I wake up in the morning so I know that I am protected throughout the day.

Archangel Gabriel is the Messenger Angel. If you are struggling to communicate with someone close, if there are family rifts that need healing or colleagues that you can't seem to work harmoniously, with you can call on Gabriel to deliver your messages of peace to them or to help heal the releationship.

If you are struggling with direction in your life you can call on Gabriel to bring you clarity. Simply ask him to help you make up your mind and watch for the responses.

These may come as signs in nature, the next song you hear on the radio or an inspired idea.

If you feel the need for physical healing, simply call upon Archangel Raphael before you fall asleep:

"Archangel Raphael, I call upon you and your healing warriors. Please surround me in your emerald healing light as I sleep and take my pain from me. Thank you, thank you, thank you".

I've had clients pass kidney stones, heal muscle pain and enjoy restful sleep with Archangel Raphael's help. You can also call upon Raphael to help loved ones or friends who may need healing.

Your Angels, and the Archangels, are always ready to help you, all you have to do is ask. Give it a try, and please do let me know in the comments how you get on!

I'd love to support you in your Healing and Awakening Journey. Book your Free consultation below (no obligation, Reiki Taster inc!) to find out ways we can work together:

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