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Ask Your Angels: Discover the Limitless Ways Angels Can Support You!

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Angels are divine beings of pure love and light. They are multidimensional beings who exist in different realms and dimensions beyond the physical plane. Angels are messengers of God/The Divine/Source and serve as guardians and helpers to humanity.

Angel statue with wings spread, blue skies and the sun in the middle of its wings

Angels have specific roles and qualities associated with different aspects of life. For example, there are angels of love, healing, protection, wisdom and many other aspects.

You can connect with your angels and call upon them for guidance, support and assistance. They are always there when you need them - all you have to do is ask.

They can't intervene unless we ask for their help as this would interfere with our free will and they will only help if it's for the highest good of all involved. .

Ask Your Angels!

Angels can help you in limitless ways, there are endless possibilities - from finding a parking space or getting to that appointment on time, to comforting you when you're suffering or healing you when you hurt - they are by your side just waiting for you to call on them.

You can ask your angel to heal you, sing over you and hold you in their vibration while you sleep. You can ask for creative inspiration, help concentrating or for more confidence in yourself.

You can meditate with the specific intention of meeting your Guardian Angel and communicating with them.

A white angel wing

For Support and Comfort

We all have moments when we would love to have someone just to hold us but there is no one around for us.

When you feel overwhelmed, in crisis, sad or unloved, your angels are always with you, just waiting for you to call on them.

Ask the angels to wrap their wings around you when you feel in need of comfort and love - you will feel the warmth and nurturing love they offer as they wrap you in their wings and bring you whatever comfort you need.

You can ask your angels to go and support others you know are suffering too, visualise the person being wrapped in angels wings as you ask and know that it is done.

Blue Angel Wing

Help with Communication

Heal any difficult or painful situation, past or present, by asking your angel to communicate with the angel of the person involved.

Trust that they will work it out and watch for signs that there have been changes.

You may notice your feelings towards the person have changed more towards compassion and understanding for their journey than feelings of anger at their actions.

Angles can ease communication if you have an issue with someone. Ask your angel to have a chat with their angel and you will notice an ease of tension. You may also reach a higher understanding of their point of view, as well as the ways in which you could be provoking reactions, as your angel works through these communication issues.

Take an Angelic Light Shower!

Did you know that you can call upon the angels and spirits of water to help wash away any old, stagnant or misaligned energy that you may have picked up during the day?

A blue tiled shower with water

This is a lovely way of receiving an energetic cleansing of your aura and energetic body, as well as your physical body.

Give it a try the next time you take a shower and visualise anything that doesn't belong to you, or serve you fully, being washed away by the water.

Remember to give thanks afterwards!

Wifi & Internet Angels

A work desk with laptop, mouse, glasses

The wonders of modern technology are not always so wondrous, as I'm sure you know!

Luckily there's a team of Wifi & Internet Angels waiting to help with any technical issues you may have - all you have to do is ask them to help!

Angelic Medication

A mixture of coloured pills

Any kind of medication, vitamins or herbal remedies that you take can be charged by your angel.

This allows the medication to work harmoniously with your body and can reduce any side effects.

Hold your medication/pill box/bottles in your hands and call upon your angel.

Visualise/imagine them enfolding your meds/remedies in their wings.

See their light pouring into your pills, energising them and tuning them into your body, trusting that they will only affect the parts they are supposed to.

Thank your angel for their blessings and for being with you today, and every day.

This also works very well with Chemo/Radiotherapy. Before you go for your session take a moment to call upon your angel. Ask that the treatment touches only those areas in need and that any side effects be reduced. Keep your angel in mind throughout your treatment trusting that they are there supporting you. Remember to give thanks afterwards!

Angels are accessible to everyone and eager to help whenever asked. I encourage you to develop a personal relationship with your angels through prayer, meditation and visualisation.

Trust your intuition and remain open to receiving angelic guidance in any form - the next song you hear on the radio, a line in a book that strikes you, or snippets of an overheard conversation are some examples of signs you may receive. You may also notice more synchronicities and symbols around you.

In her teachings, Diana Cooper often emphasises the transformative power of angelic energy, which can bring healing, spiritual growth and a deep sense of connection to the Divine. She believes, as I do, that by working with angels you can align yourself with higher vibrations and experience a profound sense of love, joy and purpose in your life.

Again, I encourage you to develop a relationship with your angels, in whichever way works best for you - invite their loving, healing and joyful energies and you'll see your life improve in every way!

I'd love to support you in your Healing and Awakening Journey, in whatever way you need it. Book your 30-min FREE Discovery Call below to find out more:

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