My Reiki Lineage

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

A Reiki lineage is like a family tree. It is a list of Reiki Masters (teachers) starting with the person that taught you Reiki and then going back, teacher by teacher, to Mikao Usui, who is credited with having rediscovered Reiki through translating ancient Sanskrit writings.

Madame Takata who introduced Reiki to the Western World after having studied and been initiated in Japan also shows on many lineages.

A teacher’s lineage reflects the information that the teacher will be passing on to the student. Therefore, different lineages will have different techniques, philosophies and understandings of working with the system of Reiki. Some lineages even have different histories.

My Tera Mai™ Reiki & Seichem Lineage

I met three Reiki Masters within five days of asking the Universe to send me a teacher if I was ready. I chose Tera Mai™ Reiki & Seichem because the idea of working with the Elemental energies resonated with me. I was attuned to level 1 in 2000, and level 2 in 2001.

My Tera Mai™ Golden Reiki & Akasha Seichem Lineage

Towards the end of 2020, I had been busy studying Crystal Healing Therapy and getting back into using Reiki on a regular basis.

I contacted Kathleen Milner, founder of Tera Mai™ Reiki & Seichem, and in November I was reinitiated into the new, evolved Tera Mai™ energies.


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