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Release Keys

I'd like to introduce you to Release Keys. These are essentially different tools we can use to:

Release any emotions that we no longer wish to carry around with us

Release behaviour or thought patterns, or belief systems that no longer resonate with the person we are today

Release any frustration, anger, tension, stress, worry - anything that keeps us stuck in a place of fear

Forgive ourselves, and others, for any wrongs, hurts or pain caused

All of these Keys are available to all of us, at any time we feel the need to use them. They are incredibly simple, and this won't be the first time you've heard of them.

Writing is one of the most effective ways to release that you can find.

Taking the time, on a daily basis if we can, to write out our feelings from the day - what we've learnt, lost, little wins, big wins, hurts, joys...everything that wants to come out - it cleanses us of the energy of these emotions, leaving us clear and free to start the next day afresh.

When we have experienced trauma, painful experiences, grief or have inflicted pain on others, writing it all out allows us to release all of these feelings, forgive those involved and forgive ourselves leaving us at peace with what has passed.

Writing, even when you don't feel the need to, can open us up to ideas or goals we'd never thought of before, we can receive guidance and clarity and - most importantly - deep healing.

Did you know that one of the best gifts you can give yourself is a three minute dance party?

Dancing is a great way to release any negativity or blockages, and gets our creative energy flowing again.

Next time you hear a great tune, get up and treat yourself to a dance party - either with everyone around you or by yourself! Either way,

Dance like no one is watching!!

When we feel stressed, uptight, overwhelmed or on edge, one of the best ways to refresh ourselves is to go for a walk in nature.

Spending just 10 minutes walking around your garden, or local green space, will be beneficial.

Especially when you set the intention to release all your stress and tension to Mother Earth.

Visualise all of the bad stuff falling away as you walk, flowing out through your feet into the ground beneath you, asking that any release be taken away for reuse or recycling.

Take note of the beauty around you as you walk, and trust in the power of Mother Nature to restore, revitalise and heal you.

Singing is a great way to release anything that remains unsaid, any negativity we may be feeling and helps raise our happy vibe!

Get those tunes on and sing like no one is listening!

Anything creative is also a very effective way of relaxing our minds and getting into a meditative state where we literally get out of our minds. Things like stone painting (my favourite), painting, drawing, creating a scrapbook or something creative in the garden are all lovely ways to enjoy some time alone and give ourselves space for release.

The Buddha was once asked "What have you gained from Meditation?"

He replied, "Nothing! However, let me tell you what I have lost: Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Insecurity, Fear of old age and Death".

Just ten minutes spent focusing on our breathing and clearing our minds can change our perspectives, bringing peace and balance to our lives - why not try it and see?

Affirmations are a wonderful tool we can use to change our mindset and open ourselves up to receiving all that we desire to see in our lives.

Repeating positive affirmations on a daily basis helps us to release any old thought patterns or belief systems that no longer serve us.

You can create affirmations easily, always make sure you start with I Am, and always in the present tense as if you already have the changes you wish to see. For example:

I Am grateful for the healthy loving relationships in my life

I Am positive and confident in myself

I Have all the support I need

The possibilities are endless, have fun creating your own!

Different keys work in different ways, and not everyone will find release in the same way. Choose whichever key resonates most with you at the time you feel the need to vent or release.

Regular Tera Mai™ Healing sessions can help with releasing any negative, stagnant or old energies as well as anything that doesn't belong to you or no longer serves you. Book your Free Consultation today!

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