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What are Chakras?

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Chakras with Sanskrit Symols
Chakras with Sanskrit Symbols

Cultures throughout the ages have been aware of Energy Centres throughout the body. The word Chakra comes from Sanskrit, meaning Spinning Wheel. They act as gateways, allowing positive energy to enter and negative energy to be released, and are responsible for our wellbeing on all levels.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of Chakras in and around the body, with the 7 Central Chakras being the most well known. They are:

The three lower Chakras are connected with the physical world - our security, sense of worth and our personal power. The higher 3 Chakras connect with the spiritual world - our perception of ourselves and the world around us, our ability to communicate our Truth and our connection to the Divine/Source/God, whatever works for you.

The Heart Chakra, at the centre joins the upper & lower levels together, teaching us to live in harmony with love, compassion and understanding.

As we travel on our journey through life, every experience - good or bad - leaves an imprint on our Chakras. Over time these imprints can build up and cause imbalance or blockages within the Chakras, which in turn affects our wellbeing on all levels.

Each Chakra corrresponds to different organs and body parts, colours, sounds, crystals and each represents a different age span in our lives.

Keeping our Chakras cleared is an important part of our Self-Care and well-being. There are simple Chakra Healing Techniques that anyone can use at any time:

*Walking in sunlight is a natural energy purifier

*Wear clothing corresponding to the Chakra you feel requires attention - what you wear influences your mood, mind and energy levels

*Use crystals corresponding to the colour of the Chakra requiring attention

*Set the intention before meditating to clear your Chakras. With each breath visualise white light coming in at your Crown and travelling down through each Chakra in turn, purifying and restoring your body whilst releasing anything that no longer serves you on the exhale. See the light filling your whole body and flowing out of the soles of your feet into the Earth beneath you. When you are ready, give thanks for this cleansing.

Reiki (Earth) energy works to clear physical blockages in the Chakras and their corresponding organs or body parts. The Seichem Energies (Air, Water, Fire, Ether) work to clear emotional and spiritual issues, as well as transforming and transmuting any negative energy.

During a healing session, the Chakras are cleared of any stagnant, old or negative energy that may be causing blockages or imbalances. They are then balanced allowing a free flow of energy around the body and leaving you feeling replenished, refreshed and ready to face whatever comes next on your journey.

Regular Tera Mai™ Healing sessions can help keep your Chakras balanced, active and clear of any stagnant, old or negative energies. I also offer Chakra Balancing & Clearings, Book your FREE Consultation to find out more:

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