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5D Chakras

Our Earth is on an Ascension Pathway and is moving from the 3rd dimension (Physical world) to the 5th dimension (spiritual world), along with every living being on her.

This is bringing in new ways of being, doing and thinking, in all areas of our lives. You can already see how health, education and economic systems all over the world are failing, it won't be long before new systems are put into place which will benefit and impact every one of us.

Your Chakras will become 5th Dimensional when you have worked through any issues or trauma that may be holding you back. Each Chakra has a different amount of chambers, each chamber represents a lesson we need to master before that Chakra can evolve.

A hand holding Chakras in the sky with a butterfly and rainbow

Once this starts to happen you will become aware of changes to your Chakra system as they evolve with you from the 3rd Dimension of the physical world to the 5th Dimension. You may already be aware that you're on your Ascension Pathway and your Chakras may have already started to grow and change in colour.

The 5D chakras colours and what they represent are as follows:

Earth Star Chakra (6in below feet) - Silver

Connects you with Earth Energy and expands your Divine potential and gifts

Root Chakra - Platinum

Connected with your levels of trust, safety and self-discipline and anchors your "I Am" presence

Sacral Chakra - Pink

Attracts people who fully accept your Soul and allows you to connect to unconditional love

Naval Chakra - Orange

Represents Oneness and community love

Solar Plexus - Golden

Illuminates power with wisdom and your divine magnificence

Heart - Pure White

The centre of your Inner Truth. You resonate Unconditional Love

Throat - Royal Blue

Honesty, Truth and Higher Communication.

Third Eye - Transparent Green

Represents Abundance, Enlightenment and Expansion. Activation of the 'Clairs'

Crown Chakra - Transparent Yellow

Universal Connection and Cosmic Wisdom

Causal Chakra (3-4in above the Crown) - White

Illuminates peace, intuition and Angelic connection, connected to Past Lives

Soul Star Chakra (12in above the Crown) - Magenta

Also known as The Seat of the Soul. Draws in your Soul knowledge, wisdom and guidance. Your Karmic lessons for this incarnationi are held here.

Stellar Gateway Chakra - A Huge Golden Orange Chalice

This is your Connection to Source and to your Fully Ascended Self

Regular Tera Mai Healing sessions can help clear any trauma from your Chakras, allowing your energy system to upgrade and evolve as you heal.

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