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Your 5th Dimensional Chakra System

Updated: Feb 6

Light codes coming in from the sun

Our Earth is on an Ascension Pathway and is moving from the 3rd dimension (Physical world) to the 5th dimension (spiritual world), along with every living being on her. Energy and light codes are coming in through the sun every day helping us to evolve energetically and release everything that no longer serves us as we move forward into our new ways of being, doing and thinking in all areas of our lives.

You can already see how health, education and economic systems all over the world are failing, it won't be long before new systems are put into place which will benefit and impact every one of us.

It used to be that your Chakras would become 5th Dimensional when you had worked through all the issues or trauma that were still blocking any particular chakra and potentially holding you back on your ascension pathway. Each Chakra has a different amount of chambers, each chamber represents a lesson we needed to master before that Chakra can evolve.

The amount of light energy being held on the planet through the hearts of lightworkers, healers and wayshowers means that the ascension process is speeding up. Your Chakras have been upgraded to match the speed of the planet's ascension.

A hand holding Chakras in the sky with a butterfly and rainbow

Whether you are aware of it or not, your energy centres are changing, evolving and supporting you as move forward into your new way of being.

You may already be aware of changes to your Chakra system as they evolve with you from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension. They may have already started to grow and change in colour.

Let's have a look at the 5D Chakra System, the following is what you can expect, how you will be living and loving once you've mastered your 3D lessons:

Earth Star Chakra (6in below feet) - Black and white/Silver

Connects you with Earth Energy and expands your Divine potential and gifts. When this chakra is fully evolved your soul is connected through it to both your body and Mother Earth. Your soul mission is held here and this chakra helps you understand where your soul wants to be.

Root Chakra - Platinum

You are fully grounded and receive the abundance of Mother Earth without attachment. You are safe and secure in your world, surrounded by your loving soul tribe. Your "I am" / your Monad presence (the highest and closest part of you to God/Source/Divine) is anchored through this chakra.

Sacral Chakra - Pink

You attract people who accept you completely. You give and receive with ease and grace. You understand that the mystery of the universe is in the not knowing, and you create from a place of freedom. You are connected to pure unconditional love.

Naval Chakra - Orange

Represents your inner sun. You live in communion and connection with all living beings on this planet and throughout the galaxies. You radiate peace, happiness and serenity.

Solar Plexus - Golden

As your inner power burns brightly, you follow the soul path you were born to walk. You make decisions by listening to your own truth and authentically take actions that align with your heart and soul.

Heart - Green/Pink

You live guided by your heart rather than your mind and feel higher vibrations all around you. It becomes impossible to live any other way than from pure truth and unconditional love.

Throat - Royal Blue

You communicate your absolute truth fully, honestly and from the heart. Manifesting your dreams becomes your daily reality. As your vibration rises, you heal people with your voice.

Third Eye - Transparent Green

You are fully open to the spirit world and the angelic realms, living between the two. Your "clair-abilities" develop naturally.

Crown Chakra - Transparent Yellow

Your crown chakra expands to receive guidance for your spiritual journey as well as messages and energies from your higher chakras and higher dimensions.

Causal Chakra (3-4in above the Crown) - Pure White

Your own personal Moon, bringing Divine Feminine energies into you and through you to the planet. You are connected to the angelic realm and receive messages and information from higher vibrational beings. This chakra holds your past life experiences.

Soul Star Chakra (12in above the Crown) - Magenta

Also known as The Seat of the Soul this chakra holds your Karmic lessons for this incarnation. You communicate with higher vibrational beings (angels, unicorns, dragons etc). You access your soul wisdom, knowledge, gifts and talents on a deeper level. As you vibrate higher, you access experiences and knowledge from all dimensions. Here you acknowledge your connection to Source.

Stellar Gateway Chakra - A Huge Golden Orange Chalice

You are connected to Divine Energy, Source/God and your Monad. This is where you become one with ALL that is.

There may still be lessons and growth remaining from your 3D reality and your energy centres won't become fully 5th dimensional until these lessons have been learned and fully integrated into your physical world.

Remember that not everyone's journey is the same and that you may not notice any changes straight away. Trust that everything is happening as it should and that you are evolving perfectly in alignment with your Soul's plan.

Regular Tera Mai Healing sessions can help clear any trauma from your chakras, allowing your energy system to upgrade and evolve as you heal. Book your free 30 minute discovery call today and find out more!

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