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5D Ascension Energies

Light codes shining through trees

Ascension, spiritual awakening or significant shifts in consciousness (whatever works for you) is what happens when you start to question your beliefs, the things you've been taught or the way society has shaped you.

There comes a time when you realise that many of the ideas and beliefs you are living by are not really your own and you make a conscious decision to change the way you live, the person you are and follow your own inner knowing.

More and more people are 'waking up' and realising that the world around them is not what it seems, that we are able to create and manifest with our thoughts, words and actions. This is all part of the ascension process from the 3rd dimension (physical) to the 5th dimension (spiritual).

You may find that the old ways don't work anymore, that you have no interest in watching the news or violent films or shows, or that you can't stand heavy rock music or anything else that feels too heavy in energy.

There are new ascension energies flooding the planet everyday, bringing us upgrades, downloads, information, alterations and activations within our cells, DNA and Energy fields. Every soul who has chosen to ascend at this time is receiving these energies, bringing change to our lives through new ways of being, doing, thinking and feeling.

Light codes and orbs

These energies come in through the sun, as they always have - but now with digital cameras, even in these photos that I took with my phone, the energies and light shows up, some of them really are quite incredible!

These are light codes along with archangel energies and orbs bringing the planet the energies she needs at that time to best assist with her, and our, ascension journey.

You may experience ascension symptoms at times such as:

Increased fatigue and tiredness even though you have good sleep

Ringing in your ears (tune in to try and pick up what messge you're being given)

Headaches or migraines

Muscle or joints aching

Digestive issues

No appetite or overeating

No desire to do anything

Increased irritibility or sensitivity

Seeing repeating numbers (Do an internet search on them to find out what relevance they have for you)

Give yourself the rest and relaxation you need at these times, go easy on yourself and know that it is all part of the process.

If you are already aware of your own ascension journey you may experience Bliss-like symptoms such as feeling full of love for every living being. These are still ascension symptoms but you've done so much work on yourself already that you experience them as the Being of Light that you are.

However you're experiencing them, if you are, know that you are blessed and that you have work to do in bringing the light through yourself into the hearts and lives of others by living in a 5D consciousness.

What's the difference between 3D and 5D?

Someone who is still stuck in 3D consciousness will be full of fear, lack and rooted in the material world - watching the news, worrying about money, believing they live to work etc.


When you begin to move into 5D consciousness, your perception changes. You won't be able to handle any harsh or deliberately harmful situations, even on television.

You will live in unconditional love for all beings, understanding that we are one.

You will be kind and compassionate, you will be honest and open at all times, you will live with pure integrity and truth and you will help others simply because you can, not to get anything in return.

You learn to live fully in the present moment, not getting lost in the past or worrying about the future. You trust the Universe to bring you everything you need and understand that aligning your vibration with what you want, living as if you already have it, is all you need to do to manifest it in your life (if that's what's best for you and everyone involved).

You accept that any perceived hurts or painful experiences have been and continue to be your greatest teachers. You work on yourself by revisiting these experiences to gain new wisdom and release them from your energy fields.

You do your best to keep your vibration high and have a regular spiritual practice such as meditation, yoga or breath work.

Wherever you are on your journey, know that you are not alone - there are hundreds of thousands of people on the same journey as you, all of us on our way to a future of love and light.

I'm here to guide you and support you as you release any negative thought patterns or belief systems that no longer serve you, anything that may be subconsciously holding you back from being your best self.

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