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Your Triggers Are Your Teachers!

Any reaction to people or situations that does't come from a place of love and compassion is showing us where we need to heal.

We are being encouraged to put ourselves in the shoes of the person in front of us, with compassion for the journey that they are on, and whatever this particular situation is teaching them too.

We are given these experiences to enable us to grow, evolve and heal - yes, even those little annoying moments that frustrate us are teaching us patience, or to let go of the need to control.

Our triggers can be our biggest teachers if we let them. There is always a root cause to any reaction - it's never 'just' because of what someone may have said or done that has annoyed you.

Have the courage to dig deeper and find the root cause. For every conclusion that you arrive at ask yourself "Why does that make me feel that way?".

Keep asking yourself "Why" until you find your Truth. It may be painful, it may date back many years perhaps even to your early childhood experiences with your siblings or parents.

Once you have discovered your truth you may feel the need to sit with it for a while. You might become aware of other relationships, situations or experiences in your life where you have reacted in the same way, or experienced the same emotions - not because of the actual situation you were in, but because of this programmed behavioural pattern that has come up to be released, allowing you the opportunity to heal yourself and create yourself anew.

And then give yourself permission to release whatever has come up with ease, grace, love and gratitude and feel it falling away into the Earth below you.

I'd love to support you in any way I can as you go through your healing journey - book a 30min FREE consultation today and take that first step!

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