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Throat Chakra

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

The Throat Chakra is our Communication Centre and is responsible for our growth through expression and our ability to communicate. It is our source of verbal communication and influences the ways in which we communicate our needs, wants and frustrations. The Throat Chakra encourages us to speak our highest truth. It also teaches us active listening - also an important part of any communication process.

Our power over our ability to trust is held in our Throat Chakra, as well as our ability to organise and plan ahead. It helps us integrate our ideas for healing, transformation, purification and holds our faith and understanding.

Physically the Throat Chakra is connected to the sinuses, neck, shoulders, thyroid, mouth, jaws and ears.

Below you can learn how to tell if your Throat Chakra is in need of attention, and discover ways to keep it open, balanced and active:

Regular Tera Mai™ Healing sessions can help keep your Chakras balanced, active and clear of any stagnant, old or negative energies. I also offer Chakra Balancing & Clearings, Book your FREE Consultation to find out more:

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