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Full Moon Reflect & Celebrate Ritual

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Full Moon at sunset over a field with a flock of birds in the distance

Full Moon is a great time to release all that no longer serves you and this Reflect & Celebrate ritual helps to let go of all that may be holding you back, anything you are holding onto unnecessarily - any fears, negative beliefs or feelings - and allows you to recognise all that you have achieved and have to celebrate this past month.

You will need paper, pen and somewhere you will not be disturbed. You may choose to light some incense, a candle, or use crystals if you feel to.

A burning sage stick in front of a Buddha canvas

Step 1: Prepare Your Space

This could be smudging your room with a sage stick, clapping your hands around the room, especially the corners or simply clearing space on the table.

Invite your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels to be with you during your ritual.

Whatever form your preparation takes, be sure to stay mindful and aware of what you're doing, keeping the intention in mind that this space be prepared for your Full Moon Ritual.

Step 2: Clear Your Mind & Set Your Intention

Taking time to consciously clear our minds with a few minutes meditation/conscious breathing before starting will allow us to be clear in what we intend to release.

Once you feel grounded and mindful, set the intention that this Full Moon Ritual helps you to release all that no longer serves you.

Step 3: Reflect & Write

Take a few moments to reflect on all that you have experienced during the last month, the good and the bad:

A set of pastel coloured journals and pencils
  • Have you fulfilled your intentions set at the New Moon?

  • What difficulties or obstacles have you experienced?

  • What have you achieved?

  • What are you proud of?

  • What hurt you?

  • Who have you hurt?

  • What made you sad?

  • What made you happy?

Let it all out, there are no rules - simply allow whatever needs to come up to be expressed, without judgement or criticism. Let it flow, even if it's uncomfortable or painful - these negative feelings need to be released.

A burning piece of paper

Step 4: Release & Forgive

How you choose to symbolise the release of all you have written is up to you.

You can tear the paper up and bury it, burn it or soak it in water. All of these things are symbolic of transformation and release.

You can also recite the Hawaiian Ho'oponopono prayer. This powerful prayer is so simple but extremely effective.

Start by setting the intention that the energy of the prayer goes where it is most required. Then simply repeat:

I am sorry

I forgive you

I thank you

I love you

We don't need to know exactly where the prayer is going, who we are asking forgiveness of or who we are forgiving. We give thanks for the experience, knowing that it has helped us grow and become who we are today.

If you prefer, you may choose to go with the New Golden Age belief, as I do. It's a higher consciousness theory of how Ho'oponopono works - you are saying sorry to your Higher Self or Monad (the most evolved part of you and closest to God/Source) for staying locked in fear-based behaviours and thought patterns.

You are forgiving yourself for the same.

You are thanking your Higher Self/Monad for their patience and understanding of your journey, and for their help and support in releasing anything that no longer serves you or is holding you back.

And you are sending yourself Love.

You can practise this prayer at any time - as part of your morning/evening meditation, whilst cleaning your space, gardening, sorting out the laundry or walking in nature.

Step 5: Celebrate!

The Full Moon is a great time for expressing gratitude and celebrating our achievements. Take your journal and write down all your wins from the past month - big or small. Anything that made you feel proud, happy, joyful, anything that reminded you how good it is to feel alive!

Make a list of all that you are grateful for and feel the power of that appreciation through the Full Moon energy.

Step 6: Give Thanks and Close Your Ritual

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Give thanks to your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels for their love, support and guidance. Give thanks to the Moon for helping you to release and celebrate.

Symbolically close your ritual in a way that feels right for you - it is important to close so that your subconscious mind knows that you've finished. You could smudge your room again, blow out your candle, or simply close your journal with intent. Know that you have done great work here and allow the energy of the Full Moon to accompany you on your journey through the month until the next one.

Full Moon Light & Blessings to all!

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