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Tera Mai™ Healing combines two ancient arts of hands-on healing, Reiki and Seichem, for an all round healing experience, either in-person or via video call from the comfort of your own home.

Tera Mai™ is a trademarked healing system which is regularly monitored to ensure the highest standard of treatment and training.

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Improve your wellbeing on all levels through this ancient art of hands on healing.

Find out more about your healing session here.

Receive healing, comfort and clarity through a Psychic Medium Reading.  By connecting with your
Loved Ones and Spirit Guides I will bring you evidence based messages and guidance.

I'm happy to connect with you on a Free 30 minute call to answer any questions or queries you may have, relating to Healing, Crystals or your Spiritual Journey.

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About Me...

Through compassionate listening and intiutive healing, I'm committed to helping you let go of all that is holding you back - be it physcial pain, mental stress or emotional discomfort. 

Tera Mai™ Healing has been part of my journey for over 20 years and today is my way of being more than anything else.

I invite you to discover how, through the gentle healing powers of Tera Mai™ Healing, along with guidance from Spirit, we can transform and improve all areas of your life, together! 

Light & blessings to all xx


Lovely Words from My Clients:


I feel that each session is tailored to what I need and I am grateful and appreciate you - I love this approach. Professional and empathetic at the same time, it's just been a great service and profound experience - thank you so much!

Aminata M

I honestly cannot recommend Amanda enough. After the guidance given yesterday I can honestly say I feel so much more refreshed, happy and balanced. My path has been laid out for me and I am now ready to walk along with a very huge skip instead of a step.

Sandie E

I don't know what exactly Amanda does, but whatever it is, it works! I found myself moving from tense and worried to deeply relaxed, but also, energized. I'm now doing regular remote sessions and find they benefit both my work and personal life.

Doug J

Amanda is able to work with spirit to bring forth messages which not only deeply resonate with me, but also ones which guide and direct me. I have walked away today with clear understanding of what I can do to improve my situation. Thank you, Amanda.

Fran P

I had a session with Amanda-from two countries away, and it was amazing.  HIGHLY recommend her as she has a long history with the esoteric arts.   And very healing....memorably so.

Lorna R

I feel really calm and light, and feel less anxious - I think you have been really beneficial to me! Thank you for everything, I am delighted to have come to see you!

Elisa D

Amanda listens and quickly builds trust and security. She is an excellent professional and her sessions go beyond a simple moment of relaxation.

Françoise D

What a soothing experience and in the comfort of my own home...I could really feel the energy that Amanda was directing towards me radiating through my body. I definitely feel lighter and a sense of ease after.  Thank you Amanda!


Cherise M

Amanda's reading gave me some genuine feedback to ponder and some clarity in my life around some stubborn health issues. She also was able to tune into a guide I've only seen a few times and as a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner with 13+ years of journey experience,  Thanks Amanda!!

Christine R

A friend of mine bought me a session with Amanda and I must admit, I didn't expect much but I was truly amazed by the feeling of wellbeing both physically and mentally when I left. I have
already booked another session and intend to make it a regular thing. Thank you!

Aidan C

Amanda is a beautiful, kind and caring soul and she has a gift to connect with spirits in the afterlife. I highly recommend her, especially if you looking for some answers and have some unresolved issues with loved ones. Thank you Amanda!

Uschi H

I recommend Amanda's treatments, which with all her gentleness and kindness offers a moment of freedom, intense release and tranquility.  Thank you Amanda!

Leslie I

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Are YOU Ready to Receive, Release & Realign?

Are you willing to Receive Reiki even though you don’t properly understand what it is or how it works?

Are you prepared to Release by committing to doing the work? By looking inside yourself, facing your fears and letting them all go?

Are you ready to trust in yourself, accepting that this work will Realign you with the Best Version of Yourself and that you will see your life improve immeasurably?

Are you willing to Invest in Yourself, knowing that you deserve this, right now - you are worthy of Living Your Best Life!

If so I want to hear from you!

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