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Tera Mai™ Healing and Guidance

Release everything that's holding you back

with your highest Soul potential



I'm Amanda, and I'm really pleased that you found your way here today! 

Through compassionate listening and intuitive healing, I'm committed to supporting you in letting go of all that is holding you back - be it physical pain, mental stress or emotional discomfort.


Today I invite you to discover how, through the gentle healing powers of Tera Mai™ Healing, along with guidance from Spirit, we can transform and improve all areas of your life, together! 


Amanda Cox in a garden, blue skies and pink flowers
Amanda Cox giving Reiki & Seichem (Tera Mai healing) to a client

Tera Mai™ combines two ancient arts of hands on healing, Reiki and Seichem, to improve your wellbeing on all levels and release anything that is holding you back. 

Chakra crystals and amethest clusters in a glass hexagon, amethyst pendulum on  a lilac background

By connecting with your loved ones and Spirit Guides I will bring you evidence based messages for healing, comfort, clarity and guidance. Tarot readings also available.

Amanda Cox on a video call, amethyst tree in foreground

If you would like more information or would like to see how we connect, I'm happy to offer you a 30-min discovery call to put your mind at ease and answer any questions you may have.

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Thank you for the Tera Mai session, the advice, your kindness and all the attention you gave me.
I am delighted to have met you.
I highly recommend you!

M Legarde, France


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A little bit about me...

WhenI was 21, I was suffering from severe depression and anxiety, and by 22 I was almost an alcoholic. It was thanks to my doctor, who noticed I was struggling and suggested I see him twice a week for counselling, that I began to pull myself together.

It was also thanks to two books that kept crossing my path - 'The Celestine Prophecy' by James Redfield and 'Conversations with God' by Neale Donald Walsch. The third time I saw them I decided it was time to buy them - and they literally changed my life. 

When I discovered Paulo Coehlo, Diana Cooper and Shakti Gawain I was well on my way, not only to recovery but to spiritual awakening.

Reiki found me when I was 25 and at work early one morning. I was chatting with my brother about his latest adventures on his Australian adventure when he asked if I'd heard of Reiki. He said that he thought I would be interested and that I should check it out. 

As soon as he said it something inside me lit up, there was a spark of excitement, an inner knowing that this was part of my journey. 

I did what research I could - the internet wasn't exactly what it is now - and soon decided that I wanted to learn.

One night before sleep I asked the Universe that if I was supposed to learn Reiki to send me a Reiki master - I met three within 5 days! I took that as a resounding "Yes!"

I chose Tera Mai™ Healing because it combines two ancient arts of hands-on healing, Reiki and Seichem for an all round healing experience. 

The Tera Mai™ energies  cleanse and reactivate our Chakras (Energy Centres in and around the body) and an attunement, or initiation, into the energies provokes a thoroughly deep cleansing and redesigning of your whole energy system - meaning that I was able to release all the negative thought patterns that were holding me back.

Having Tera Mai™ literally at my fingertips has not only helped me to understand, rediscover and accept myself, but above all it has given me the amazing opportunity to heal myself and others.​
Tera Mai Healing completely transformed my life - won't you invite it in to transform yours?

More Lovely Words from My Clients:

Zen stones.png

I don't know what exactly Amanda does, but whatever it is, it works! I found myself moving from tense and worried to deeply relaxed, but also, energized. I'm now doing regular remote sessions and find they benefit both my work and personal life.

Doug J, London

Are you willing to Receive Tera Mai™ Healing even though you don’t fully understand what it is or how it works?

Are you prepared to help yourself Release by committing to doing the work? By looking inside yourself, facing your fears and finding healthier ways of living with your past?


Are you ready to trust in yourself, accepting that this work will Realign you with the Best Version of Yourself and that you will see your life improve immeasurably?

Are you willing to Invest in Yourself, knowing that you deserve this, right now - you are worthy of Living Your Best Life!


If so, I want to hear from you!

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Get in touch!

Please don't hesitate if you have any questions or would like more information!

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