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Past & Future Healing

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Energy doesn't recognise time or space, so healing can be sent in any direction, past, present or future.

During a regular Tera Mai™ Healing session I ask for the energies to heal on all levels, in all directions which means any past experience can be healed and released.

Tera Mai™ Healing can help you heal from traumatic experiences by unblocking the negative energies you may be holding onto, which could be holding you back in your life today. In some cases a specific Past Trauma Healing programme could be beneficial,

If you have an upcoming event that is causing anxiety, a job interview or tricky meeting, a healing session can help prepare you for what is to come by relieving any anxiety, helping you stay focused, build your confidence and self-esteem or ease tensions between family members...the possibilities are endless!

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