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Healing in all Directions

Updated: Mar 10

A wooden Hati Angel and a pink Himalayan salt lamp

Tera Mai™ works with the energies of the five elements. As energy doesn't recognise time or space, healing can be sent in any direction, past, present or future.

In preparation for a Healing session I set the intention for the energies to heal on all levels, in all directions, across all timelines, lifetimes, planes, dimensions and levels of consciousness known or unknown.

The energies flow through me into the person receiving the healing, I have no control over them - I don't suddenly say "Ok, I've finished clearing with Fire, I'll have some Water to soothe their emotions now please!" The person always receives exactly what they need.

Heal your past:

As I said earlier, energies don't recognise space or time. This means that any past experience can be healed and any negative energies released, including those from past or parallel lifetimes that you aren't aware are holding you back right now.

Sometimes during a healing session I am shown something that is coming from a parallel, or past life. These are usually represented as huge chains or spikes in the back and I work with the Angels and and my Support Team to remove these and heal the spaces they leave. I don't necessarily always receive the information as to what it the issue is exactly, or who it involves. That depends on whether the person is ready and open to hearing it and healing fully from it.

Tera Mai™ Healing can also help you heal from traumatic experiences in this lifetime by clearing the negative energies you may be holding onto, whether or not you're aware that they may still be affecting you.

All of your experiences leave energetic imprints on your body and aura and a healing session will clear as much of this as you're ready to handle at the time.

Heal Your Present:

Tera Mai™ Healing can help you stay present in the moment, to let go of all the negative or non-stop thoughts running around your head that stop you from making the most of where you are now.

The Energies can support you as you let go of the need to control, to overthink or to create stress about the future allowing you to live your life from a more centred and peaceful state of being

Heal Your Future:

If you have an upcoming event that is causing anxiety, a job interview or tricky meeting, a healing session can help prepare you for what is to come by relieving any anxiety, helping you stay focused, build your confidence and self-esteem or ease tensions between family members...the possibilities are endless!

If you feel that there is something holding you back in your life that kind of doesn't make sense, that feels heavy when you have no reason to or you just can't advance in your projects then you may need some deep healing on a different level.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if this is the case, I'm here to support you in any way I can!

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